Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loaders are mostly used in the commercial and industrial sectors. They service these business sectors by using dumpsters or large refuse containers to collect waste materials. Front loader garbage trucks come with hydraulically controlled forks equipped to the front of the vehicle to lift and dump the trash in the dumpster container into the vehicle’s hopper. Read More…

Front Loaders For Sale

The trash or waste is then compacted by a hydraulically actuated packer and moved into the rear of the body. A front loader in the United States can easily lift dumpster containers weighing up to 8,000 lbs and hold up to 40 cubic yards of trash. That is why you need to purchase a front loader for your waste management business in the United States from

The Best Front Loaders

Route Ready Trucks has some of the best front loaders on the market today. Some of these trucks include:

    • The Wittke Starlight – The Wittke Starlight from Labrie Group is well known for its agility. This truck has a low body weight to maximize its legal payload capacity. Also, the fast lifting cycle of the truck will ensure a rapid loading on the route. Due to its low body weight, the Starlight is ideal for both commercial and residential waste management. You can collect more waste materials on each collection route and provide the highest legal payload on each collection.
    • McNeilus Front Loader (Atlantic Series) – This is another popular front loader available with “Route Ready Trucks.” The Atlantic Series is built to take care of your business – whether it’s a demanding commercial route or a dense residential route. This front loader comes with a clean headframe to boost serviceability and performance. It is quite durable compared to other garbage trucks on the market.
    • Heil (Half Pack) – This is another front loader option available with us. It can carry over 11 tons of trash and weighs only 15,000 pounds. This truck is ideal for routes with strict weight limitations.

Purchasing a Front Loader Garbage Truck

The decision to purchase a front loader garbage truck should be taken after careful consideration. Route Ready Trucks provides an excellent selection of front loader garbage trucks. Call us today for all your front loader garbage truck needs.