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McNeilus Atlantic Series Front Loader Specifications

Here at Route Ready, we’ve got front loader garbage trucks in our lineup, but if you’re looking for a serious workhorse with maximum efficiency to tackle your most demanding commercial routes, the McNeilus Series Front Loader is at the front of its class!

McNeilus Atlantic Series Front Loader Specs and Features

  • Compaction force of 118,800 psi that’ll crush whatever you feed it.
  • 10,000-lb-rated arm capacity for hefty lifting.
  • Eight-point locking tailgate stays shut and leak-free.
  • The efficient, fast pack cycle keeps the 12-cubic-yard hopper clear at all times saving you time on densely populated routes.
  • Exclusive McNeilus Excalibre cylinders feature a hardened tool steel scraper that drastically reduces hydraulic contamination.
  • Compressed natural gas systems are available on a range of chassis choices and engine configurations.
  • Multiplexed and CAN based controls offer the best technology in the business, including sealed keypads, backlit screens, operator status lights, and diagnostics displays.
  • As of 2015 all models feature LED Trap Lights, an LED Hopper Work Light and LED Camera Assist Lights.
  • Highest-quality abrasion-resistant steel in all high-wear areas for added strength and durability.

Why You Should Choose a Front Loader Truck

Front loaders are exceptionally efficient in big cities or areas with narrow streets or tight spaces.

They can be operated by a solo driver, cutting down on costs for you.

Front loaders are widely used for emptying large waste containers and dumpsters but can also act as residential or municipal waste haulers. Because of their ability to do double or triple duty, you’ll get maximum returns on your investment.

Hydraulic packers can lift up to 8000 pounds. Front loader garbage trucks can haul up to 40 cubic yards of trash for maximum productivity with less time and expense.

Why Should You Buy From Route Ready?

When it comes to McNeilus garbage trucks for sale, we aim to provide long-term solutions and pride ourselves on being industry leaders when it comes to quality, service, and price.

Here are just a few reasons you should shop with us for your next truck:

  • You can purchase a good-as-new truck with all the bells and whistles (and brand-new belts and hoses) for much less. We’ll also repair dings, dents, and blemishes and paint the vehicle to match your company’s colors and logo!
  • We collaborated with our OEM industry partners to develop an innovative reconditioning process to deliver a quality truck while guaranteeing full transparency of its condition.
  • Your reconditioned front loader garbage truck is exempt from federal excise tax. Our plus and premium trucks include an industry-inclusive 30/60 day confidence warranty in addition to any remaining manufacturer’s warranty.
  • All our garbage trucks for sale are USA-made.

Request a garbage truck quote today! We’ve got a fleet of knowledgeable customer service reps standing by to help you navigate our wide selection of trucks to fit the needs of your individual operation.

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