which garbage truck is right for your waste management startup

Which Garbage Truck Is Right for Your Waste Management Startup?

Determining which garbage truck is right for your waste management startup depends on several key factors that are specific to your company:

  • If you plan to collect commercial/large-scale waste or residential/small-scale waste
  • Your company’s budget
  • Labor availability in your area

What Are My Options?

The four primary types of garbage trucks include the following:

These Trucks Are Best for Residential Trash

Automated side loader garbage trucks are often considered to be the best fit for residential waste pickup, as they only require one operator, which reduces your labor costs. These trucks typically use specialized wheeled carts that are compatible with the automated lift.

Rear loaders are another good choice for residential routes in large cities or other areas where maneuverability in tight spaces is key and trash has to be manually loaded into the hopper. Rear loader trucks typically cost less up front, though they do generally require at least two people to operate.

Which Trucks Are Best for Commercial Trash Pickup?

Front loaders are generally considered to be the best option for commercial trash startups. They are similar to automated side loaders in that they only require one operator, and they enable the driver to pull right up in front of the trash container and let the hydraulic arms lift and load the trash. In tight spaces where it may be difficult to maneuver a large truck, this luxury is highly beneficial and efficient.

Which Trucks Are Best for Construction Projects?

If you are planning to collect trash for construction projects, then roll off trucks are considered to be the best. Roll offs can easily load and unload massive dumpsters filled with debris, reducing the number of trips you have to make back and forth to the landfill.

Benefits of Buying Used Garbage Trucks

Starting a waste management company is extremely challenging, and the expenses can be intimidating. One way to minimize the upfront costs is to buy used garbage trucks. This can save you a significant amount of money and enable you to get your business up and running without sacrificing vehicle performance, as professionally reconditioned preowned trucks generally function just as well as the new ones and give you years of workhorse durability.

Learn More About Our Confidence Guarantees

At Route Ready Trucks, we specialize in selling used garbage trucks to waste haulers. Our customers can trust the quality of the trucks they buy from us, as we offer an industry-exclusive Confidence Warranty, which gives purchasers of Route Ready Plus garbage trucks a 30-day operational confidence guarantee, and buyers of Route Ready Premium refuse trucks a 60-day operational confidence guarantee. For added peace of mind, this comes in addition to the OEM warranty.

Call Route Ready Trucks Today

If you would like to learn more about which garbage truck is right for your waste management startup, contact Route Ready Trucks today to talk about your needs and receive a garbage truck quote. All of our used garbage trucks for sale are free of the Federal Excise Tax, which can save you thousands of dollars.

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