Grapple Garbage Trucks For Sale

Freightliner Petersen Grapple Truck
Freightliner Petersen Grapple Truck#8021010
Engine Make/ModelCummins/B6.7
Transmission Make/ModelAllison/3500 RDS
Body Make/ModelPetersen/TL3 Base Loader
Chassis Make/ModelFreightliner/M2 106
International Petersen Grapple Truck
International Petersen Grapple Truck#8020009
Engine Make/ModelCummins/B6.7
Transmission Make/ModelAllison/3500 RDS
Body Make/ModelPetersen/TL3 Base Loader
Chassis Make/ModelInternational/HV607

Grapple garbage trucks are some of the most useful waste haulers money can buy. They’re a popular option for fleets because they can handle heavy, bulky loads that standard garbage trucks can’t. Their capabilities range from clearing construction debris to municipal jobs like clearing sidewalks to handling potentially dangerous (and highly unpleasant) jobs like removing roadkill.

Grapple Truck Models

Learn more about our inventory of used grapple garbage truck models from top manufacturer: Petersen. Compare the grapple truck specs of each model.

  • Petersen TL-3 grapple truck

What Is a Grapple Garbage Truck?

This term refers to a truck featuring a hydraulic arm and claw mounted to its frame. The grapple loader is part mechanical and part hydraulic and can rotate around a center point. This allows the grapple to efficiently grab bulky items and deposit them into a waiting container. Grapple trucks come in front-end and rear-loading models.

Advantages of Grapple Garbage Trucks

The flexibility of its function isn’t the only thing that makes a grapple truck a valuable asset to your fleet. Here are a few of their other advantages:

They’re Safer and Mitigate Worksite Risks

Grapple trucks handle materials that would otherwise be unsafe for a human, such as poisonous chemicals, glass, and biological waste. A grapple truck also handles jobs involving heavy, bulky items like furniture and large household appliances that could be a source of injury for your crew.

A grapple truck is often safer for working in areas with minimal visibility, hazardous roads, or heavy traffic. That’s because it’s smaller than most other garbage trucks, and a loader operating outside the truck is not required.

They’re Efficient and Versatile

A grapple truck can lift far heavier loads and do complicated jobs that a standard garbage truck can’t. And because it uses its arm and claw to lift and load debris, multiple workers aren’t necessary on the job site.

They’re Cost-Effective.

A grapple truck can do jobs that ordinarily require more personnel and equipment, cutting costs for you. Its flexibility of function allows your organization to expand its client base to areas you may not have been otherwise equipped for. This could potentially give your revenue a significant boost.

Grapple trucks are the solution for bulky waste collection. Our top-of-the-line trucks can lift and haul items that weigh thousands of pounds, so they’re fully equipped to handle anything that they’re likely to encounter. By purchasing your grapple truck from Route Ready, you get the power and reliability of a late-model truck without the steep price tag. Contact us to Reserve your Grapple Truck.

How Are Grapple Garbage Trucks Used?

Grapple trucks are used for a variety of purposes. Some include:

  • Municipal waste hauling
  • Discarded furniture
  • Large appliances
  • Bathroom fixtures
  • Construction debris

Grapple garbage trucks can also clear away tree branches and logs, haul recycled materials, and handle disaster clean-up.

Where Can You Find Petersen Grapple Garbage Trucks for Sale?

Route Ready has used garbage trucks for sale across the US and Canada. We offer the industry-leading Petersen TL-3 grapple truck. This model offers stand-apart features like a 20-foot boom arm with the capacity to lift over 3,000 pounds at full extension and more.

Route Ready is proud to offer used Petersen grapple trucks vetted with the most rigorous quality standards. Every truck has a five-year OEM extended warranty and an Industry Exclusive Warranty on our Plus and Premium-rated vehicles and qualifies for federal excise tax exemption.

Contact us to request a used grapple garbage truck quote so we can get moving to find you the best truck for your needs!