Route Ready Plus

Our Plus level packs in even more value

A Route Ready Plus garbage truck undergoes a 215-point inspection and will be reconditioned to ensure consistent garbage truck performance from day one. This level of reconditioning includes 50% or greater tires, remaining OEM warranties, a 30 DAY ROUTE READY CONFIDENCE WARRANTY, and the items below. These refuse trucks are priced competitively and thoroughly inspected to deliver long term performance.

1 Route Ready Plus
2 Route Ready Plus
3 Route Ready Plus
4 Route Ready Plus
  • 215 Point Detailed Inspection
  • 50% or Greater Tires & Brakes
  • OEM Body & Chassis Certification
  • Upgraded Mechanical Reconditioning:
    • AC/Heat Serviced & Fully Functional
    • No Leaking Pumps/Valves/Cylinders
    • Replace Worn or Leaking Hoses
    • New Fluids & Filters: Eng/Trans/Hyd
    • Body Pressures Set to OEM Specs
    • All OEM Switches & Controls
  • Upgraded Interior Reconditioning:
    • Floor Boards Repaired As Needed
    • Steering Wheel Replaced As Needed
    • Seats & Panels Repaired As Needed
    • Full Steam Clean & Professional Detail
  • Upgraded Exterior Reconditioning:
    • New Tailgate Seals As Needed
    • New or Improved Mirrors
    • New or Improved Windshield
    • New Light Covers As Needed
    • Repair Any Body Damage > 2” Diam
    • Minor Paint & Buffing As Needed
    • All Fenders & Corners Repaired
    • All Steps Repaired/Replaced
    • Ops & Safety Labels Replaced/Readable
    • Full Steam Wash & Professional Detail
    • New Rear Mud Flaps
  • 30-Day Route Ready Operational Confidence Warranty
  • NO FET TAX!!


Additional Plus Level Reconditioning included which varies by Product Family.

  • Automated Side Loaders
    • Arm Completely Serviced & Fully Functional
    • Arm Painted to Like New Original As Needed
    • New Gripper Belts & Rollers As Needed
  • Front Loaders
    • Canopy Painted to Like New Original As Needed
  • Rear Loaders
    • Replace/Improve Hopper Floor As Needed
    • Cart Tipper Painted to Like New Original
    • Sweeper Blade & Carrier Painted to Like New Original
  • Rolloffs
    • New Winch Cable As Needed
    • Tarp Fully Functional without Operational Defects
    • Frame & Fenders Painted Black As Needed

our-warranty Route Ready Plus