Terminal Tractors For Sale

Autocar Terminal Tractor
Autocar Terminal Tractor#9021044
Engine Make/ModelCummins/B6.7
Transmission Make/ModelAllison/3000 RDS
Body Make/Model
Chassis Make/ModelAutocar/ACTT42

Used Terminal Tractors for Sale

Terminal tractors go by many names, but in short, they’re Class 8 vehicles used to move shipping containers and semitrailers efficiently around short distances. Configured for on- or off-road use, you’ll find them working hard in truck terminals, cargo yards, warehouses, ports, and more.

Terminal Tractors Also Go By:

  • Yard Trucks
  • Yard Dogs
  • Yard Goats
  • Yard Spotters
  • Spotting Tractors
  • Spotter Trucks
  • Shunt Trucks
  • Hostlers or Mules

By purchasing from Route Ready, you receive an expertly reconditioned Terminal Tractor backed not only by the remaining OEM warranty, but also by our industry exclusive 30-60 day warranty, giving you double the peace of mind. Plus, they’re exempt from federal excise taxes, saving you even more. Contact Us to reserve your off-rent Terminal Tractor.

Terminal Tractor Models

Learn more about our inventory of used terminal tractor models from top manufacturer: Autocar. Compare the terminal tractor specs of each model.

  • Autocar ACTT42

Benefits of Terminal Tractor Features

Since they perform a specialized function, terminal tractors are constructed differently from their conventional cousins. From the inside to the outside, a terminal tractor’s design benefits your business in ways some other vehicles can’t:

Enhanced Worker Safety

As with operating any working vehicle, operators must meet OSHA requirements for using a terminal tractor. To help reduce the risk of injury on the job even further, the design of a terminal tractor enhances safe operations:

  • Most terminal trailers feature robust bumpers for better driver shielding during a collision.
  • Roomier cab and doors allow operators to enter and exit the vehicle more safely to adjust semitrailers. This also provides easier ingress/egress for the driver, reducing the risk of physical injury.
  • Reinforced steel cabs protect drivers during potentially hazardous jobs.
  • Strategically placed, oversized mirrors allow better rear visibility for reduced risk of collision. (Some models even feature heated and moisturized mirrors to enhance visibility.)
  • Wraparound windshield offers the operator a 360-degree view.

Operating Efficiency

Quality terminal trucks also have features that increase performance speed and efficiency, saving you time and money on the floor:

  • The enhanced hydraulics system increases productivity by improving the truck’s operation.
  • Durable exterior muffler protectors provide a shield against damage to expensive components.
  • Oversized cab and side door provide easy access to perform service and maintenance.
  • A reinforced rear axle and short wheelbase for exceptionally smooth maneuverability.
  • An electric or diesel engine designed for maximum fuel efficiency.

Ease of Use

Everyone wants vehicles on the job that work hard but are easy to use. This helps with speed and efficiency but also makes employee training simpler. Some features that make it easier to operate a terminal tractor include:

  • Automatic transmissions with pushbutton controls.
  • Fifth-wheel coupling with an auto-locking kingpin allows for easy semitrailer attachment/detachment.
  • A sliding back door offers easy operator access to semitrailer components.

Terminal Tractor Brands

You’ll find new and used terminal tractors for sale all over the US and Canada. Whether you buy or rent, a few names stand out as the most common terminal tractor manufacturers, like Autocar, Kalmar, TrailerCaddy, Tico, Terberg, and more.

Route Ready Proudly Offers Autocar Terminal Tractors

Autocar manufactures and sells a broad range of working vehicles, including exceptional terminal tractors. They’re a name we trust to bring muscle and flexibility to your fleet at the best value.

If you’re considering adding a terminal tractor to your fleet, Route Ready will work with you to forecast your business needs. When you’re ready to get started, we’ll provide you with the used terminal tractor quote that best fits your budget.

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Our warranty packages include a five-year OEM extended warranty and our Industry Exclusive Warranty on plus and premium-rated vehicles.

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