Vacuum Trucks

When you need a world-class vacuum truck that’s functioning at peak performance, but without the exorbitant cost of buying a vehicle new—Route Ready is here. Our late-model used vacuum trucks for sale are expertly reconditioned and ready now for you to use. They’re backed not only by the remaining OEM warranty, but also by our industry exclusive 30-60 day warranty, giving you double the peace of mind. Plus, they’re exempt from federal excise taxes, saving you even more.

Vacuum trucks use powerful suction hoses to remove wastewater, sludge, and other contaminants from affected areas. These trucks are so versatile that they encompass a very wide range of uses. One quality brand of vacuum tanker is Vac-Con Industries. Their innovative design and superior airflow allow for the effective removal of wet or dry debris with up to 28” Hg.

Route Ready is pleased to offer industry-leading Vac Con trucks to our customers. Even though they are high-tech machines, they are simple to operate and maintain.

But brand-new vacuum trucks for sale can have price tags of $300,000 or more, making them cost-prohibitive for many companies. Fortunately, there’s an affordable alternative. Route Ready gives you the vacuum truck with all the functionality and best-in-class performance you’re looking for, at great cost savings. They’re in the lot right now, ready to go to work for you at a moment’s notice.

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Vacuum Trucks For Sale

Used Vacuum Trucks for Sale: Multi-Purpose Waste Removal Solutions

Industrial vacuum trucks are characterized by high-pressure water and powerful vacuum systems designed to take on even the toughest jobs. Vacuum trucks work much like your vacuum cleaner at home. A powerful pump removes air from the holding tank, creating a vacuum inside. Then, shutoff valves on the suction hoses force the tank to equalize the pressure inside, allowing the truck to pump sludge and debris.

Here are just some of the needs that vacuum trucks can fill:

  • Removing human waste from privies and storage tanks – cruise ships, passenger trains, aircraft, and portable toilets require regular servicing by vacuum trucks to comply with federal and state regulations.
  • Cleaning up after fracking operations – fracking creates large amounts of mud and raw petroleum, which are collected by vacuum trucks and hauled away for ecologically safe processing.
  • Assisting areas hit by natural disasters – hurricanes and tornadoes leave vast amounts of contaminated water in their wake. Vacuum trucks help to eliminate these hazards from affected communities.

Common Uses for Vacuum Trucks

Some of the wide-ranging applications of vacuum trucks include:

Petroleum Companies

Petroleum companies use hydro-trucks in the gas and oil fields while drilling. The vac-truck pumps away drilling mud and oil spills, as well as removes brim water from production tanks, after which the water produced from hydraulic fracturing can be hauled away and properly disposed of.

One of the many benefits of operating vacuum trucks is that they are used to maintain water collection systems and treatment facilities, making them very environmentally friendly.

Residential & Commercial

Vacuum trucks are utilized by municipal governments, as well as commercial entities around the world. For example, several types of sanitation systems are served by vacuum trucks in eliminating human waste. They are used regularly to empty residential septic systems, sanitize sewer pumping stations, as well as collect and dump waste from portable toilets, airplanes, and cruise ships. Vacuum trucks contribute greatly to public health.

When you’re working with human waste there is no room for downtime. You want a machine you can count on. We recommend Freightliner severe-duty vacuum trucks, as they are unmatched in strength, performance, and reliability. You can count on Freightliner for your most difficult vacuum application.


Public works professionals use these large tankers to expose underground utilities. The ground is jetted with water, creating mud, which is then vacuumed up by the pump truck, exposing buried utility wiring which may have been damaged if excavation equipment had been used. Using a vacuum truck in instances like these can save large cities and small towns a lot of money and time by keeping these underground utilities from needing to be repaired or replaced.

Disaster Clean Up

There is no wonder that industrial vacuum trucks are used to clean up after a natural disaster. These powerful machines can pick up and remove hazardous waste and debris quickly and more efficiently than manual labor. They easily and effectively remove water and mud from homes and storm drains caused by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Vac Con Trucks for Sale

Every truck we sell has undergone a rigorous inspection by our team of experts. We ensure that the body and chassis are in excellent condition and in full compliance with DOT certification standards. We even perform a complete steam wash and detail cleaning, so the vehicle looks as good as it performs. Our inspection process is completely transparent, so you always know exactly what condition your truck is in.

Our Plus and Premium customers enjoy added benefits, including a 215-point inspection, upgraded interior/exterior reconditioning, and our expanded, industry-exclusive warranty program. For Premium customers, we repair any dents or dings, repaint the cab and body, and install brand-new hoses.

Every vac con truck in our inventory is built by leading manufacturers like Freightliner, companies that enjoy a well-earned reputation for excellence. So you can buy with confidence when you do business with us.

Our inventory of used vacuum trucks will change due to high demand, so contact us today to make sure you get the vehicle you want. Our expert sales associates will prepare a customized vacuum truck quote and answer any questions you may have. We can get you going with your vacuum truck immediately, as these trucks are ready-to-work right now.