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Why Buy Off-Rent Garbage Trucks

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of growth opportunities or executing a standard fleet replacement schedule, buying off-rent garbage trucks is an attractive option that can improve return on invested capital, expand free cash flow and diversify your supply chain. Combining the financial and operational benefits of purchasing used equipment with our industry exclusive certification process and warranty packages, Route Ready has become a strategic partner to some of the biggest fleets in North America!

Route Ready Case Studies

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“Looking at the Route Ready program as a strategic option for predictable fleet replacement based on the capital savings and proven ability to deliver a quality product on time.”
– Jason Craft, SVP of Operations

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“BTR’s fleet solutions enable us to reallocate capital away from trucks and into higher-yielding acquisitions opportunities.”
– Eric Miller, Partner


How to Buy Our Previously Rented Garbage Trucks

Route Ready Reserve offers capital savings and supply chain risk reduction by reserving and purchasing Certified Route Ready trucks out of Big Truck Rental’s rental fleet up to 18 months in advance. The off-rent trucks have roughly one year of service and undergo Route Ready’s patented 280 point Certification Process for quality assurance. Get trucks on time and hit the ground running on day one.

Nothing is more unpredictable than the waste hauling business. Our Ready Now trucks are prepared and waiting for your urgent needs whether you have sudden growth opportunities or unexpected challenges like fire, floods and other disasters.

Benefits: Route Ready Reserve vs. Ready Now

Benefits-Graphic_Why-Buy-Off-Rent Why Buy Off-Rent

Route Ready is the leading reseller of used or off-rent garbage trucks in the US and Canada. Partnering with companies to provide quality off-rent garbage trucks, we are the trusted source for your next purchase, whether you urgently need access to our Ready Now fleet or are making plans for the future and want to take advantage of the many benefits of our Route Ready Reserve Program.

Ready to Begin Purchasing?

It’s easy to see why some of the biggest fleets in North America are expanding their partnerships with Route Ready. To ensure the full value proposition is realized, our off-rent trucks for sale undergo an OEM certified inspection process and we offer our own industry-exclusive warranties on top of the remaining OEM warranty. Whether you’re a global fleet, regional independent, or a startup, there are numerous advantages to buying used garbage trucks over brand-new vehicles. Our customer service experts are ready to answer any questions you may have and will be happy to walk you through the purchase process.

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• Immediately Available Upon Request
• Complete Body & Chassis Service
• DOT Certified & Safety Compliant
• Full Steam Wash & Interior Detail
• Remaining 5yr OEM Extended Warranty
NO Federal Excise Tax!

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*Includes Previous Level of Reconditioning In Addition To:
• 215 Point Certified Inspection
• 50% or Better Tires & Brakes
• Upgraded Mechanical, Interior and Exterior Reconditioning
• OEM Body & Chassis Certification
• 30-Day Route Ready Warranty
NO Federal Excise Tax!

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* Includes Previous Levels Of Reconditioning In Addition To:
• All Body Damage Repaired
• All New Operational Hoses
• New/OEM Custom New Cab & Body Paint
• 60-Day Route Ready Warranty
• 6 Months Route Ready Elite Account Customer Support
NO Federal Excise Tax!

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