Route Ready Premium

Our most exclusive reconditioning package

A Route Ready Premium garbage truck undergoes a 215-point inspection and is reconditioned to be the highest quality used refuse truck in the market. This level of reconditioning provides everything that is included in the Plus garbage truck line, remaining OEM warranties, a 60 DAY ROUTE READY CONFIDENCE WARRANTY, 6 months of our expert support, and the items below. These refuse trucks are priced to give you a great return on your investment and deliver the like-new quality that your team deserves.

Repeat-Grid-5 Route Ready Premium
  • Includes All Standard & Plus Options, and adds the following upgrades:
  • All New Operational Hoses
  • All Body Damage Repaired or Improved to Like-New Condition
  • Complete New Cab & Body Paint (OEM or Custom)
  • 60-Day Route Ready Operational Confidence Warranty
  • 6 Months, Route Ready Elite Account Customer Support
  • NO FET TAX!!
  • Custom Build Options Available!


Additional Premium Level Reconditioning included which varies by Product Family.

  • Automated Side Loaders
    • Arm Completely Serviced & Fully Functional
    • Arm Painted to Like New Original As Needed
    • New Gripper Belts & Rollers As Needed
  • Front Loaders
    • Canopy Painted to Like New Original As Needed
  • Rear Loaders
    • Replace/Improve Hopper Floor As Needed
    • Cart Tipper Painted to Like New Original
    • Sweeper Blade & Carrier Painted to Like New Original
  • Rolloffs
    • New Winch Cable As Needed
    • Tarp Fully Functional without Operational Defects
    • Frame & Fenders Painted Black As Needed

our-warranty Route Ready Premium