Route Ready’s late-model used McNeilus garbage trucks for sale are in excellent condition and priced to go. We lead the industry when it comes to preowned waste hauling vehicles backed by an innovative reconditioning process, outstanding customer service, and industry-exclusive warranties. Our McNeilus rear loader garbage trucks, side loaders, front loaders, and more are available right now, and ready to go the distance for your company.


Our vehicles are backed by the remaining manufacturer’s warranty along with a 30-day confidence warranty for our Plus trucks (60 days for our Premium certification level).


Research, design, testing, analysis, and ISO 9001-2008 standard manufacturing are what make McNeilus garbage trucks one of the best brands across the globe. McNeilus refuse vehicles are known for consistently delivering best-in-class performance. McNeilus trucks are strong, reliable, durable, and are at the forefront of powering the industry into the future. That’s why you can’t go wrong by investing in McNeilus garbage trucks for your waste management business.


McNeilus understands that you need performance and not excuses when it comes to waste management practices. The company has built a direct-to-you and dedicated part network as well as a sales and support network to serve all their clients.


Route Ready provides a wide range of McNeilus trash trucks:




Built to take care of business in commercial routes.


The ultimate go-to for


Handles residential demands and obstacles.


Take on any projects with this powerful workhorse.

McNeilus Rear Loader Garbage Truck


McNeilus rear loader garbage trucks are workhorses that optimize durability while reducing the amount of required maintenance. That’s why these vehicles feature self-lubricating slide shoes and fewer lubrication points than competing models.


McNeilus rear loaders come in multiple configurations to meet almost any need. For example, the tag axle option provides increased carrying capacity, while the split body version allows operators to load the hopper from either side of the truck.


McNeilus offers a wide range of available features on its rear loader trash trucks, including cart tippers and container kick bars. Our representatives will be happy to give you the details when you get in touch with us.

McNeilus Front Loader Garbage Trucks


Front-loaders are some of the most popular McNeilus trash trucks, and for many good reasons. They’re excellent for use in both commercial and residential settings. A McNeilus front loader garbage truck comes with features like nitrided rods that provide remarkable resistance to contamination and corrosion.


These outstanding vehicles are available in three configurations, including the popular mid-sized Meridian design that offers side-mounted hydraulics for easier access and a clear head frame that keeps wires and hydraulic parts away from exhaust gases.


Looking for a frontloading truck with maximum carrying capacity? The McNeilus Atlantic Series was designed just for you. On the other hand, the Contender Series was made for refuse hauling companies that must operate within strict weight limits. All of these trucks offer superior value, no matter which one you choose.

McNeilus Side Loader Garbage Truck


McNeilus side loader garbage trucks are an ideal choice for residential trash routes. Designed for long-term durability, they feature nitrided rods and a patented tool steel shaver to fend off the damage that can come from extended use.


These trucks are protected by heavy-duty industrial paints that will keep your fleet looking professional even in the most grueling work environment. This feature can help you to promote your company’s public image while giving you an advantage over your competitors.


Emptying residential waste bins requires working in confined spaces. That’s why McNeilus developed its Zero Radius™ model with features like a swinging automated arm. This minimizes the vehicle’s profile when operating in cul-de-sacs and other tight spots.


McNeilus side loading garbage trucks are also available in a dual-use manual/automated mode that allows operators to collect small bits of refuse that automated arms cannot reach. This helps to keep the streets clean and your clients happy.

McNeilus Garbage Trucks for Sale


The McNeilus manufacturing facility is located in Dodge Center, Minnesota. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that’s among the most advanced in the waste truck manufacturing industry. The facility is home to a highly skilled, experienced, and trained workforce that makes use of superior engineering and manufacturing processes. McNeilus is a part of Oshkosh Corporation, which has a 145-acre campus, 15.5 acres under roof, on-site engineering team, and on-site research & development facility.


McNeilus is at the forefront of offering compressed natural gas (CNG) powered garbage trucks since 2006. They offer route-ready and fully-tested CNG refuse trucks to customers across the country.


Enjoy all the advantages of late-model McNeilus trash trucks while getting the most out of your capital investment when you buy an impeccably reconditioned garbage truck from Route Ready.


Each of our McNeilus garbage trucks for sale is inspected top to bottom by our team of experts and primed to give your fleet the long-term performance you need. Our trucks are ready to work right now and can be delivered from our lot to you at a moment’s notice. Not only do you get substantial cost savings by buying a used McNeilus trash truck, but you get the peace of mind that comes with the double protection of the remaining OEM warranty backed by our industry exclusive confidence guarantee.


These vehicles are exempt from federal excise tax and ready now for you to purchase. Our inventory changes, so contact us to get the one you want. Get your zero-cost McNeilus garbage truck quote today.