McNeilus Garbage Trucks

Research, design, testing, analysis, and ISO 9001-2008 standard manufacturing are what make McNeilus garbage trucks one of the best brands across the globe. McNeilus refuse vehicles deliver best-in-class performance compared to other garbage truck brands in the industry. McNeilus trucks are strong, reliable, durable, and are at the forefront of powering the industry into the future. That’s why you need to invest in McNeilus garbage trucks for your waste management business.




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Built to take care of business in commercial routes.


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The ultimate go-to for


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Handles residential demands and obstacles.


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Take on any projects with this powerful workhorse.

The McNeilus manufacturing facility is located in Dodge Center, Minnesota. It’s a state of the art facility that’s amongst the most advanced in the waste truck manufacturing industry. The facility is home to a highly-skilled, experienced, and trained workforce that makes use of superior engineering and manufacturing processes. McNeilus is a part of Oshkosh Corporation which has a 145-acre campus, 15.5 acres under roof, on-site engineering team, and on-site research & development facility.

McNeilus is at the forefront of offering compressed natural gas (CNG) powered garbage trucks since 2006. They offer route-ready and fully-tested CNG refuse trucks to customers across the country. McNeilus understands that you need performance and not excuses when it comes to waste management practices. The company has built a direct-to-you and dedicated part network as well as a sales and support network to serve all their clients.

McNeilus provides a wide range of garbage trucks for your use. Here are some of the most popular garbage trucks offered by McNeilus:

Front-End Loaders

McNeilus front loaders are specifically built to take care of your waste management business. Whether you serve a dense residential route or a demanding commercial network, McNeilus offers a variety of garbage truck options to meet your needs and budget. The front loaders come with “McNeilus Excaliber” packing cylinders as well as a patented tool steel shaver. This helps resist corrosion as well as hydraulic contamination. The CODE controls system is a novel feature that enables superior truck diagnostics and troubleshooting at easy reach. That’s why you need to invest in the McNeilus front-end loader.

Side Loaders

The automated and manual side loaders from McNeilus are some of the best garbage trucks in the industry today. They are ideal to handle the demands of any type of residential route. You have a wide range of vehicle options to select from when you rely on McNeilus.

Rear Loaders

The McNeilus rear loader is a workhorse in the industry. It’s one of the most reliable and versatile garbage trucks in the market today. Make sure you invest in the McNeilus garbage truck without delay.