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The Best Front Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Front loader garbage trucks get their name from their design. The hydraulic arms are located on the front of the vehicle, and the trash bin is lifted over the front to be emptied into the hopper. At Route Ready, we sell preowned late-model front loaders from the industry’s most trusted and reliable manufacturers, such as Heil, McNeilus, and Labrie. See below for why these brands are known for consistent quality when it comes to truck design, engineering, and performance.


During the past 100+ years, the Heil brand has earned a reputation for dependability, affordability, and ease of operation. Their lineup of vehicles feature double walled and lapped hopper sides, as well as an interlaced ladder subfloor foundation, providing reassurance that these rugged vehicles can stand the test of time. One of the most impressive vehicles in their inventory is the Heil Half/Pack front loader. Long appreciated by industry veterans, the Half/Pack Freedom has a capacity of 11 tons within a 28 cubic yard body. It also features a single axle design for easier maneuverability. Of the different Half/Pack models, the Half/Pack Freedom is the lightest at 15,800 pounds.


McNeilus is another well-respected name in front loader garbage truck manufacturing, both for companies running commercial routes and those doing residential pick-ups. They’ve been producing quality vehicles since 1970. Here’s a look at three standouts from their fleet:

  • Meridian – The Meridian front loader is a lightweight vehicle at a base weight of 17,100 lbs., but it offers power in its 10,000-pound rated arms and has a maximum carry capacity of 14 tons. It’s available in a 40-cubic yard body size.
  • Contender – The Contender features a 12-cubic yard hopper and has multiple body sizes available to choose from—from 32 to 43 cubic yards. The hopper walls and floor are built with AR400 steel, which gives the vehicle added durability.
  • Atlantic Front Loader – The Atlantic series is a heavy-duty, rugged vehicle with a 12-cubic yard hopper and arms capable of lifting a maximum of 10,000 lbs. Its compaction force is 118,800 psi.


Established in 1985, LaBrie offers a couple of front loader garbage trucks in their lineup, but the one you’ll want to pay most attention to is the Starlight. Part of the Wittke series, the Starlight is lightweight but durable, built with AR450 steel that is highly abrasive-resistant. Its packing cycle takes just 18 to 20 seconds, and it needs only 12 to 14 seconds for a complete arm cycle, which means you can get more done with less time. The Starlight is available in 30 to 44-yard body sizes.


Amrep has been known for dependability and innovation for over four decades. The AMHFLPO-21, also known as HX450 Front Loader, is available in multiple sizes. It can feature full push-out or hoist ejection. The exact specs depend on options, but the standard body weight is 16,700 lbs. The arms have a lifting capacity of 8,000 lbs.

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