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McNeilus Meridian Front Loader Specifications

Thanks to many innovative features and competitive specs, the McNeilus Meridian front loader garbage trucks are reliable workhorses in the waste collection industry, able to take on both residential and commercial routes.

When it comes to offering reconditioned garbage trucks from reputable manufacturers like McNeilus, Route Ready Trucks should be at the top of your list. Our front loading garbage trucks for sale go through a rigorous inspection process before being certified and are backed by industry-exclusive warranties.

Special Features of the McNeilus Meridian Front Loader

The McNeilus Meridian is recognized for its heavy-duty handling that enables it to take on the hardest routes. In order to save time in heavily populated areas, the front loader incorporates a quick pack cycle that keeps the 12-cubic-yard hopper clear at all times.

With its 118,800-psi compaction force, it can crush practically any kind of waste you can throw at it, and its 10,000-pound arm capacity will handle the heavy lifting for you.

McNeilus garbage trucks for sale come equipped with Excalibre packing cylinders, which are unique to the company. In addition, these trucks are protected against wear and corrosion by a patented tool steel shaver and seals that significantly prevent hydraulic contamination.

McNeilus Meridian Front Loader Garbage Truck Specs

The base body weight of the McNeilus Meridian front loader is 17,100 pounds. It can transport a maximum of 14 tons. For both commercial and residential routes, this front loader’s 40-cubic-yard body size offers the ideal blend of performance and adaptability.

The McNeilus Meridian has other features and benefits:

  • A clear headframe means that hot exhaust and garbage debris are kept away from hydraulic and electrical components.
  • For simpler access and serviceability, hydraulics are housed in side-body enclosures rather than on the headframe.
  • The design of the hopper floor and the flat body supports the best-in-class carrying capacity.
  • A non-sliding tailgate offers better access and easier-to-deploy tailgate props that reduce wear on the tailgate seal.
  • Arm and fork position sensors enhance operator comfort and provide more control.
  • The McNeilus CODE system offers CAN-based controls that are streamlined, along with easy access to enhanced diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Meridian offers tailgate CNG in 60, 75, 90, and 105 DGE capacities, in addition to various CNG options.

About Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Large cities and other places with higher population densities benefit particularly from front-loading garbage trucks. They are effective, mechanized garbage trucks that can raise trash cans using slots on the sides thanks to hydraulic forks in the front. The bin is then tipped over so that the lid opens, and the contents are poured into the truck’s hopper. The trash can is lowered back to the ground after being emptied.

In the 1950s, front-end loaders became more and more common, and their development progressed. Modern-day industrial, commercial, and residential sites are all serviced by front-loading garbage trucks. Their containers, also known as dumpsters, can hold any kind of waste, from sludge and slime to industrial waste. These trucks can fit all different kinds of rubbish inside thanks to their design.

The waste materials are picked up and dumped into the container by an operator lift using steel forks that are hydraulically operated. The majority of front loader trucks on the market in the US are capable of lifting containers weighing up to 8,000 pounds. However, they have a 40-cubic-yard capacity for waste.

Quality Used McNeilus Front Loaders from Route Ready

When you buy used McNeilus Meridian front loader garbage trucks from Route Ready, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you are investing in a reconditioned waste removal truck of exceptional quality.

To discuss your needs, please contact us and we can tell you more about our preowned garbage trucks for sale. We look forward to providing you with a garbage truck quote that will fit your budget and needs.

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