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Which Automatic Side Loader Truck Is Right For Your Residential Route?

When it comes to side loader garbage trucks, Peterbilt and Mack stand out as two of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. The differences between the Peterbilt and Mack chassis are highlighted below to help fleet owners decide which side loader is right for their residential routes.

The chassis is the bottom frame of your truck. It houses the suspension, driveshaft, differential, and running gear. Having the right quality chassis is crucial for fuel economy and to prevent overloading.

Read on to learn about the many features and highlights of Route Ready’s used side loader trucks for sale. Purchase with peace of mind, knowing that our comprehensive reconditioning protocols are backed by industry-exclusive warranties for Plus- and Premium-level vehicles, in addition to the OEM warranty.

Peterbilt Chassis vs. Mack Chassis

Peterbilt 520

The Peterbilt Model 520 is an obvious choice for automated front, side, and rear loader garbage collection trucks because it is available in four driving configurations. For smooth body integration, electrical connections have been upgraded and coordinated with all other Peterbilt models. The integration of refuse standard communication is made possible by the use of RP170 connections and a joystick mounting pad. The Model 520 has more industry experience than any other low cab forward on the market today, whether it be for commercial or residential trash operations.

Standard with PACCAR FX-20 steer axle

  • Lightweight design
  • 5-year / 750,000-mile warranty

Available with PACCAR MX-11 engine

  • Up to 430 HP
  • Up to 1,650 lb-ft of torque

SmartLINQ Remote Diagnostics

  • Monitors truck health 24/7, including over 950 fault codes
  • Over-the-air software updates available

Mack LR 64R

When it comes to hauling trash, Mack has been at the forefront for more than a century. The refuse trucks Mack builds today vigorously uphold and advance that history with best-in-class strength and versatility. With enhanced features intended to provide more visibility and comfort for increased productivity, the Mack LR model is unlike any other truck on the market. The chassis configurations are designed to make installing bodies simple. Both a single-drive and a tandem-drive version of the LR model are offered.

Engine: MP7

  • 11 Liter
  • 325–355 HP
  • 1260lb-ft

Transmission: Automatic

  • Allison 4500 Series
  • Allison 3000 Series


  • Drive Axles: Mack C150/151 Axle Carriers
  • Front Axle: Mack FXL 20

Side Loader Garbage Truck Specs

Heil Durapack Python (Mack or Peterbilt Chassis)

The Heil Durapack Python Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck has several distinguishing features:

  • An interlaced subframe for superior resistance to body damage and corrosion.
  • The automated arm has an 8-second lift cycle, which allows you to save up to one hour per day in operating time. Over the course of a year, this can save you thousands of dollars in operating costs.
  • The ShurLock tailgate from Heil has reinforced locks to always keep the payload safe. The operator can also easily unlock and open the gate from within the cab.
  • The truck’s extra-large 5.2-cubic-yard hopper allows it to handle containers ranging in size from 30 to 96 gallons.
  • Built-in anti-spill features mean that waste and contaminated liquids are kept inside the truck rather than spilling onto the street.
  • Ergonomic joystick controls allow the operator to grab, dump, and return waste receptacles easily and intuitively.
  • A cutting-edge diagnostic display immediately alerts the operator to operational problems, allowing for quick troubleshooting and a return to normal operation.
  • Significant lifting power of 800 pounds with continuous operation for dumping more waste in less time.
  • Rugged exterior finish for good looks and long-lasting weather resistance.

McNeilus Zero Radius (Mack or Peterbilt Chassis)

The versatile and powerful McNeilus ZR Side Loader truck includes the following features as standard:

  • The largest hopper on the market for a side loading garbage truck – haul more waste in fewer trips
  • Fast, efficient pack cycle – increase your productivity
  • Heavyweight power – lift garbage cans ranging from 30 to 110 gallons
  • Load-sense hydraulics – energy efficiency for additional fuel savings
  • Reach-out arm design eliminates the need for wide swing-out clearances
  • Reinforced cylinders – patented tool shaver and hardened nitride rods keep debris out of the inner mechanisms
  • Full-eject body eliminates the need for the driver to exit the truck while the load is ejected.
  • Electronic operate-at-idle arms – reduced vehicle sway and racket

Labrie Automizer (Mack LR 64R Chassis)

Features of the Labrie Automizer Right Hand Side Loader Garbage Truck include:

  • The collection arm of the Labrie Automizer Right Hand can easily handle residential and commercial refuse loads with a 12-foot reach and 1000-pound lifting capacity.
  • The in-line arm design and 6.5-cubic-yard hopper allow for smooth, low dumping and increased maneuverability.
  • Body sizes ranging from 15 to 37 cubic yards enable you to find the ideal size for your company’s needs.
  • Compaction rating of up to 850 pounds per cubic yard allows you to haul more waste per trip.
  • Split body configurations of 50/50, 40/60, or 60/40 double recycling and garbage capacity while preventing cross-contamination.
  • Single-piece body walls give increased strength and durability since there are no joints or welds in the body and fewer weak points in the truck’s construction.
  • Tapered body for improved compaction and loading.
  • High-quality, durable construction with body floor forged from AR450 steel rated at 175,000 psi, and body sides and roof forged from A1011 steel rated at 80,000 psi
  • The Labrie proprietary CNG system can integrate with a battery-electric chassis, offering alternative energy options.
  • Both tip-to-dump and fuel-eject options are available.

Talk to Route Ready About Your Garbage Truck Needs

When you purchase one of these exceptional trucks from Route Ready, you’ll get all the benefits of a professionally reconditioned garbage hauler at a significant discount compared to the price of purchasing new. Contact us today to talk about your needs, and we’ll assist you with a side loader garbage truck quote for the best-suited waste management truck for your residential route.

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