Everything You Need to Know About the McNeilus Contender Front Loader

Everything You Need to Know About the McNeilus Contender Front Loader

The McNeilus Contender front loader garbage truck is a midweight refuse hauler with a large hopper, durable steel construction, and an efficient pack cycle that allows you to process more waste in less time. This heavy-duty workhorse is ready to tackle even the most demanding business or commercial route. Choose Route Ready for used McNeilus trash trucks that are expertly reconditioned, backed by warranties, and ready to go to work for you right now with no wait time.

McNeilus Contender Front End Loader Specifications

Here are some key specs for the McNeilus Contender:

  • Body size – ranging from 32 to 43 cubic yards.
  • Hopper capacity – 13 cubic yards.
  • Construction – the hopper floor and walls are constructed from AR400 steel for excellent strength and durability.
  • Oil reservoir capacity – 50 gallons.
  • Recent updates – LED hopper work lights, traffic lights, and camera assist lights.

McNeilus Contender Front Loader Garbage Truck Profile

The McNeilus Contender front loader is designed for congested urban environments that require a rugged, reliable refuse truck. Its midweight design allows it to maneuver easily through traffic-packed city streets. Its Excalibre™ cylinders include a steer scraper fashioned from hardened steel to protect against hydraulic contamination.

The Contender was designed for ease of operation. That’s why it includes the following user-friendly features:

  • Multiplexed CAN-based controls with intuitive pushbutton simplicity.
  • Onboard diagnostics that are both comprehensive and easy to read.
  • Backlit screens.
  • Sealed keypads.
  • A choice of either rabbit ear or air joysticks.
  • An easy-to-operate airlift canopy that provides full coverage of the chassis.

 The McNeilus Contender is built in the USA to the highest industry standards. It’s one of the best all-around front-loading garbage trucks on today’s market and is trusted by waste hauling companies around the world.

Why You Should Buy Your McNeilus Contender From Route Ready

Purchased brand-new, the McNeilus Contender carries a steep price tag and federal excise taxes that can make it prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to this problem. By purchasing a used McNeilus front loader for sale from Route Ready, you’ll enjoy not only significant savings but these added advantages as well:

  • A fully inspected vehicle that’s READY NOW to go to work – we perform a painstaking top to bottom inspection of every truck we sell to ensure that it’s both DOT compliant and fully operational.
  • Our industry-exclusive confidence guarantees – our Plus and Premium trucks are covered by 30- to 60-day warranty program. This is in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.
  • Available added improvements – we can outfit your truck with brand-new belts and hoses, repair dents and dings, and even paint the vehicle to match your company colors and logo.

For your free garbage truck quote, we invite you to contact Route Ready Trucks today. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits and lower operating costs.

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