Roll Off Truck Specifications

Here at Route Ready, our world-class used roll off trucks for sale are in top condition and ready to meet the needs of waste hauling companies like years. All of our late-model vehicles are manufactured by leaders in the industry, DOT certified, and thoroughly inspected and reconditioned. Many of them also carry our industry-exclusive warranties. Contact our office today to learn how we can help your company slash its operating expenses and boost its profits.

See below for our roll off garbage truck specifications.

Roll Off Garbage Truck Specs

We proudly offer roll off trucks for sale from three leading manufacturers, Mack, Freightliner, and Peterbilt. Here’s a look at their specifications.


Our Mack roll off trucks are outfitted with the following equipment:

  • The Mack MP®7 engine – this 11-liter workhorse offers up to 405 HP and a torque rating between 1,200 and 1,560 foot-pounds. The single overhead cam makes it easy to maintain, while the variable geometry turbocharger gives it plenty of power for the toughest waste hauling jobs.
  • An Allison 4500 RDS transmission – part of the Allison Rugged Duty Service line, this automatic gearbox has a “deep reverse” setting with a mechanical ratio of -17.12:12, for added maneuverability on steep grades and in tight spaces.
  • Mack’s parabolic spring suspension – for greater resilience and a smoother ride throughout the truck’s lifetime.
  • A Galbreath 35.5” outside rail hoist with 60,000-pound capacity – for lifting even the heaviest waste containers with ease.


Our Freightliner roll off trucks come with the following standard equipment:

  • Freightliner’s rugged 114SD chassis – which features a 114” day cab, composite halogen headlights, and a 2500 square inch windshield for maximum visibility.
  • The Detroit DD13 engine – with a horsepower range up to 505 HP, Detroit’s onboard diagnostic system, and an average engine life of 1 million miles with regular maintenance.
  • Galbreath’s 35.5” outside rail hoist with 60,000-pound capacity – just like our Mack trucks.


Our Peterbilt roll off trucks come with the following specifications:

  • A Paccar MX engine – with up to 1850 foot-pounds of torque and longer service intervals than other leading engines.
  • An Allison 4500 RDS-P transmission – which features onboard shift energy management, power takeoff, and Allison’s FuelSense® 2.0 software for fuel-saving economy.
  • The same Galbreath 35.5” outside rail hoist with 60,000-pound capacity found on our other roll off trucks.

What You Can Expect When You Do Business With Us

All of our roll off trucks for sale receive our painstaking top to bottom inspection to ensure DOT safety compliance and overall quality. Each is backed by the remaining OEM warranty. Our Plus and Premium line of vehicles also receive our exclusive 30 to 60 day warranties along with multiple upgrades.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Roll Off Garbage Truck Specifications

These vehicles are FREE OF FEDERAL EXCISE TAX and READY NOW to hit the road for your company. We can deliver the trucks to you immediately with no wait time. For your personalized garbage truck quote, we invite you to contact Route Ready trucks today. Questions about our roll off garbage truck specs? Want to learn more about the trucks we have for sale? Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to fill you in.

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