Side Loader Truck Specifications

Here at Route Ready, our top-quality used side loader trucks for sale are ready to go to work for you RIGHT NOW with no delay. Our inventory includes DOT certified, expertly reconditioned late-model trucks built by Heil, McNeilus, and Labrie. The quality of our vehicles is backed by industry-leading warranties. See below for our side loader garbage truck specifications, and let us know how we can help you get the truck you need.

Side Loader Garbage Truck Specs

Here’s a look at the trucks we currently have in stock. Check our listings for the most up-to-date information.

Heil Side Loader Truck Specs

Our Heil side loaders come equipped with the following specifications:

  • Either a Mack MP7-355A or Paccar MX-11 engine – both of which are known for their durability, fuel economy, and quiet, smooth operation.
  • An Allison 4500 RDS transmission – which includes power take off (PTO) ability, a built-in oil level sensor, electronic prognostic components, and integrated shift energy management.
  • Mack M-Ride 46 Parabolic 3-Leaf suspension – designed to maintain constant ground clearance, improved stability, and full integration with Mack’s powertrain.
  • 28-yard capacity – for hauling more waste in less trips.

McNeilus Side Loader Truck Specs

Our McNeilus side loaders offer the following features and specifications:

  • Either a Mack LR or Peterbilt Model 520 chassis – both of which come with spacious windows, a generously appointed cab, and zero turning radius for maneuvering easily on crowded city streets.
  • An Allison 4500 RD transmission – part of the Rugged Duty Series with the same features as the gearboxes on our Heil trucks.
  • Mack M-Ride 46 Parabolic 3-Leaf suspension.
  • Generous 28-yard capacity.

Labrie Side Loader Truck Specs

Our Labrie side loaders have the following specifications:

  • A Paccar MX-11 engine – with up to 445 horsepower and 1850 foot-pounds of torque.
  • A Freightliner M2106 chassis – a Class 6-8 vehicle with up to 350 HP, up to 1150 foot-pounds of torque, and a gross vehicle weight of 66,000 pounds.
  • 28- to 31-yard carrying capacity.

We carry Labrie side loader garbage trucks for sale in three configurations: the Labrie Expert, the Expert Helping Hand, and the Automizer. Check our inventory for the models we currently have in stock.

Call Us to Learn More About Our Side Loader Garbage Truck Specifications

All of our trucks receive a thorough top-to-bottom inspection to ensure they’re in excellent working condition and are fully compliant with current DOT safety standards. Each is covered by the remaining OEM warranty. Our Plus and Premium vehicles are also covered by our own industry-exclusive warranties.

Every vehicle we sell is FREE OF FEDERAL EXCISE TAXES and READY NOW to be delivered with no wait time. For your personalized garbage truck quote, we invite you to contact Route Ready trucks today. Questions about our side loader garbage truck specifications? Get in touch with us any time and we can hook you up with the truck you need.

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