Everything You Need to Know About the McNeilus Standard Rear Loader

The McNeilus Standard rear loader garbage truck has the flexibility to successfully tackle both residential and commercial waste pickup routes. By buying a top-condition used McNeilus rear loader from Route Ready, you can enjoy all of the incredible benefits of this industry-leading workhorse along with substantial cash savings. Check out our inventory of used McNeilus garbage trucks for sale, and get in touch with our customer service experts for more details.

McNeilus Standard Rear Loader Garbage Truck Specifications

Here are some key specs for the McNeilus Standard rear loader:

  • Multiple body sizes – including 17, 20, 25, 28, and 32 cubic yards.
  • 16- to 18-second pack cycle time – to keep the hopper clear even on highly congested routes.
  • Optional Excalibre™ cylinders with nitrided rods and McNeilus’s patented tool steel shaver – helps to keep refuse and contaminated liquids out of the truck’s hydraulic system.
  • Reinforced contact points throughout the vehicle – including abrasion-resistant steel in the rear body and hopper.

McNeilus Rear Loader Vehicle Profile

The McNeilus Standard rear loading garbage truck was designed for urban and other densely packed trash hauling routes in all types of weather. Top features include:

  • Space-efficient design – to maneuver easily through crowded streets and alleyways.
  • Classic rear-loading design – a perfect choice for emptying residential trash bins.
  • Available tipper kick bar and cart tipper – to take the strain off your employees’ backs and prevent injuries.
  • Ease of maintenance – thanks to the truck’s fewer service points and quicker cycle times.

Used McNeilus Standard Rear Loader Garbage Trucks Are READY NOW

When you buy used McNeilus rear loaders for sale from us, you save thousands off the sticker price of a brand-new vehicle. Not only that, but all of our trucks are free of federal excise tax, saving you even more.

Cash savings are just one benefit of doing business with Route Ready. Others include:

  • Our industry-exclusive warranties – all of our Plus and Premium vehicles are covered by our 30- to 60-day confidence guarantee. This coverage is in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.
  • Fast delivery of your vehicle – so you can put it to work RIGHT NOW.
  • Available upgrade options – including new belts and hoses, detailed top-to-bottom cleaning, repair of any dents or dings, and customized paint jobs to match your company’s colors or logo.

We’d love to tell you more about our inventory of excellent preowned vehicles. For your free garbage truck quote, please contact Route Ready Trucks today. We’ll help put you on the road to higher profits and lower operating costs.

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