Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks are one of the waste removal industry’s classic workhorses. You can add these rugged vehicles to your fleet for substantial savings by buying late-model/low-hour used trucks in top condition from Route Ready. We lead the pack when it comes to providing reconditioned waste hauling trucks from top manufacturers like Peterbilt, McNeilus, Mack, Heil, and more.

We thoroughly inspect and certify each truck and back it with ironclad warranties. Contact us today to buy a top-quality front loader garbage truck that’s available immediately and ready to hit the ground running.

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Front Loaders For Sale

3 Big Advantages of Our Front Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

Garbage trucks come in three distinct configurations: front, side, and rear loading. Each is designed to meet a particular challenge. But, when it comes to all-around value, it’s hard to beat a front loader. Here’s why:

  1. Versatility: Known for their commercial uses in emptying dumpsters and large waste containers, front-loading trucks can also do double duty as municipal or residential waste haulers. This is a great way to enjoy maximum returns on your investment.
  2. Reliability: Our front loader garbage trucks use commercial-grade hydraulic forks and packers, proven technology that can lift up to 8000 pounds.
  3. Capacity: Most front loading garbage trucks can haul up to 40 cubic yards of trash. This means your drivers can knock out their routes in less time, maximizing their productivity while saving on operating expenses.

Used Front Loaders for Sale from Route Ready

When you buy a used front loader for sale from Route Ready, you avoid the hefty price tag of a brand-new vehicle while getting all of the functional benefits. Our innovative reconditioning process was developed in cooperation with our OEM industry partners to ensure you get the quality truck you need and full transparency about what shape the truck is in.

Your reconditioned front loader garbage truck is not only exempt from federal excise tax, but comes with the manufacturer’s remaining warranty, as well as our industry-exclusive 30/60 day confidence warranty – so you’re protected twice over.

Our customer service experts will give you all the details when you get in touch with us.

Used Front Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

Route Ready’s impeccably reconditioned front loader garbage trucks for sale are ready to go right now. Our refuse trucks are competitively priced and comprehensively inspected to deliver consistent performance from day one. Browse our current inventory here on our website and request a garbage truck quote today.