Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Side Loader Garbage Trucks

An automated side loader is the top garbage truck for residential routes. With an automated side loader, the driver controls a mechanical arm from inside the truck. The arm grabs the trash or recycling cart and dumps it.

At Route Ready, we have late-model, used automated side loader garbage trucks for sale at highly competitive prices. Our Route Ready premium garbage trucks come with an industry-exclusive confidence warranty, in addition to the original OEM warranty. All of our trucks are exempt from federal excise tax.

For refuse haulers, purchasing the right garbage truck is critical. Waste management companies need efficiency and reliability in their vehicles. An automated side loader garbage truck checks all the necessary boxes.

Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck Advantages

Here are just a few of the advantages of an automated side loader garbage truck:

  • Save time. The Heil DuraPack Python automated side loader has an 8-second lift cycle that saves 4 seconds per stop.
  • Automated side loader garbage trucks are safer for employees. Because there is no physical labor involved, it reduces the chance of injuries. Less wear and tear on the body prolongs the employee’s overall working life.
  • You’ll find that labor costs are reduced, because only one operator is required to run the truck.
  • These garbage trucks are easy to use and easy to maneuver, making them suitable for less experienced drivers. The McNeilus Zero Radius™ Automated Side Loader navigates cul-de-sacs and parked cars with little effort.
  • The automated side loader scores well as far as Total Cost of Collection (TCC), the performance indicator measuring cost, production, and efficiency. In fact, the automatic side loader boasts the lowest cost of collection of all garbage trucks, a testament to its productivity. The Labrie Automizer Helping Hand Side Loader is especially noteworthy in this regard.

There’s another advantage to the automated side loader, and that’s price. It costs less than an automated front loader garbage truck.

Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck Disadvantages

Although the advantages of automated side loaders far outweigh any disadvantages, there are issues to take into consideration.

Preowned Automated Side Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

At Route Ready, we’re confident we have the automated side loader garbage truck for your needs in our inventory. Ready NOW, our most versatile used garbage trucks are available immediately upon request and are DOT certified and safety compliant.

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