All About Heil Garbage Trucks

Are you searching for information on Heil garbage trucks? If so, you have come to the right place. Heil is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of garbage trucks. Their products are highly productive, ultra-durable, affordable, automated, and custom-configured to meet the specific needs of the customer.




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Take on any projects with this powerful workhorse.

The company manufactures a wide range of refuse collection trucks including rear loaders, front loaders, and side loaders. Heil vehicle bodies are known throughout the waste industry for their longevity, productivity, operator safety, and ease of maintenance. The company provides superior customer service with world-class training as well as after-sales support. Here is why you need to invest in Heil garbage trucks for your waste management business.

For over 100 years, Heil has been at the forefront of innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction in the waste management industry. Julius P. Heil established the Heil Rail Welding Co. in a small rented building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1901. He used a novel technological process known as “Welding” to manufacture tanks and truck bodies. Heil built the first garbage truck bodies in the early 1900s. By the year 1930, Heil’s quality garbage trucks were collecting solid waste from several cities in the United States.

Heil Front Loader Garbage Trucks

The commitment to excellence has made Heil one of the industry’s leaders of waste trucks in the United States. Their automated front loader garbage trucks are an engineering innovation built with “Odyssey” hydraulic control technology to deliver the highest productivity in the waste industry at the lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC). These trucks are helping refuse-haulers to make more money on the route.

Heil Side Loader Garbage Trucks

The automated side loaders developed by Heil has a lift capacity of 1,600 pounds. It also has a cycle time as short as 8 seconds as well as arms that reach up to 9-feet. The truck is lightweight and guarantees the lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC) in the waste industry. The truck uses the latest innovative technology available in the industry. That’s why you need to invest in an automated side loader from Heil without delay.

Heil Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

The rear load garbage trucks is a workhorse for collecting garbage in large cities in the United States. Whether you collect residential or commercial waste, Heil’s rear load garbage truck is ideal for your business. These trucks are durable, reliable, efficient, and provide the lowest Total Cost of Collection (TCC) in the waste industry.