The Heil company has long distinguished itself for producing durable, reliable, user-friendly waste hauling trucks that last year after year. These include the DuraPack® Python® side loader, the Half/Pack® front loader, and the DuraPack® 5000 rear loader.


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Heil Garbage Trucks


The Heil company was started back in 1901 by Julius P. Heil. His hard work paid off with early success, and by the 1930s his trucks were running municipal trash routes across the United States.


Today, Heil builds a wide range of refuse-hauling vehicles, all of them crafted with pride at its manufacturing facility in Fort Payne, Alabama. The company motto is “Build it right, and then back it with integrity.” We think this sums up the Heil vision pretty well.


Heil Side Loader: DuraPack® Python®


The DuraPack® Python® is a high-capacity, high-compaction automated side loader known for its efficiency and versatility. Here are just some of its many features:

  • The Python® lift arm – which completes its lift cycle in eight seconds, saving your company up to an hour per day in operating time per route.
  • Cutting-edge remote control capabilities – which use modern artificial intelligence (AI) technology for reliability and ease of operation.
  • The DuraPack® Python® tailgate – which has a 60-inch seal that keeps contaminated liquids inside the truck body instead of leaching out onto public streets.


Heil Rear Loader: DuraPack® 5000


A hard-working and versatile rear loading truck, the DuraPack® 5000 offers a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Durable construction – featuring a fully welded, interlaced subframe with formed channels and high-tensile steel for lasting strength.
  • Superb weight distribution – thanks to the compact high-cylinder design that minimizes wear on rear chassis components.
  • The Heil in-sight display – which enables the operator to perform comprehensive troubleshooting functions without ever leaving the cab. This system has been updated for 2020.


Heil Front Loader: Half/Pack®


A finely crafted front loader built with operating efficiency in mind, the Half/Pack® incorporates a double-walled hopper, Heil’s patented Shur-Lock tailgate system, and available 20-cubic-yard design for improved maneuverability in urban environments.


Used Heil Trucks


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We carefully inspect all of our used Heil trucks for sale to ensure DOT compliance. Plus, we back our Plus and Premium vehicles with our industry-exclusive warranty.


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Heil Garbage Trucks for Sale


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