Roll Off Garbage Trucks

A dumpster truck, which is often called a roll off truck, has wheels that allow the dumpster to roll off the back of the truck. This style is very popular. When it comes time for buying this type you will want to consider a number of factors to get the right one for your application. Read More…

Roll Off Trucks For Sale

Benefits Of Using A Roll Off Truck

    • You have the ability to pick up anything you can get rails under which makes it very flexible.
    • With an extended tailgate, it can be a dump truck, container carrier, or flatbed.

If you’re paying someone else to haul things that you could, then it might serve you well to be able to do it yourself. This way your crews won’t have to wait for someone else to make a pick-up or delivery. You can haul just about anything that goes on rails.

Choose The Specs That Meet Your Application

When you shop to purchase a dumpster truck you need to know exactly how you plan to use it. Is it for collecting general refuse or construction material? Is it going to contain scrap or recycling material? Each of these applications will have specific needs and you’ll want to make sure the truck you choose has those specs.

These types of trucks are very popular for good reason. They are very useful and they have a number of applications for a variety of different businesses. They generally have a good ROI which makes them a good investment. You can check out all the trucks we have for sale at Call or email us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.