Roll Off Garbage Truck Safety Tips

Roll Off Garbage Truck Safety Tips

Roll off garbage trucks are powerful workhorses that allow waste haulers to efficiently collect and transport large bulk waste containers. As with any commercial vehicle, following safety protocols is a must to avoid injury and downtime. Roll off truck safety tips include:

  1. Checking for overhead and side-to-side obstructions.
  2. Making sure the dumpster itself has a firm foundation.
  3. Ensuring that the truck has enough room to approach the dumpster safely.
  4. Communicating with the truck operator at a distance by using prearranged hand signals.

Here at Route Ready, we always stress the importance of safety when using any type of commercial vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at those four roll off garbage truck safety tips.

Checking the Surrounding Environment for Obstructions

It’s important to give a potential dumpster location a full 360° visual inspection before choosing it as a site. Keep an eye out for power lines, trees, buildings, parking spaces, and other obstructions. If in doubt, then place the dumpster somewhere else.

Giving the Dumpster a Firm Foundation

Commercial dumpsters require a solid foundation made of asphalt or concrete. Placing them on regular soil can cause them to sink into the earth, making it more challenging and potentially dangerous for the truck operator to retrieve it.

Make Sure the Truck Has Enough Room to Approach the Dumpster

A roll off garbage truck needs at least 100 feet of free space in order to back up safely to a dumpster.

Communicating with the Truck Operator Safely

The massive weight of these vehicles can do serious damage to the human body, so workers should keep their distance from the roll off garbage truck whenever it’s in operation.

If it becomes necessary to communicate with the truck operator, it’s a good idea to use prearranged hand signals. If you try to shout, then your words may be drowned out by the sound of the engine. Plus, you may confuse the driver.

Why You Should Choose Route Ready for Your Roll Off Trucks

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