How Much Does a Front Loader Garbage Truck Cost?

A brand-new front loader garbage truck can cost low to mid six figures. A great way to slash this expense is by purchasing a preowned vehicle from Route Ready. Our inventory includes a hand-picked selection of late-model front loaders from leading manufacturers, all impeccably reconditioned and backed up by industry-exclusive warranties. Reach out today for your customized garbage truck quote. Our used trucks are ready RIGHT NOW to be delivered to your fleet.

3 Factors That Affect the Cost of a Front Loader Garbage Truck

Several variables can impact how much you pay for your front loader garbage truck. These include:

  1. The manufacturer’s reputation – As with any product, the quality of a front loader garbage truck can vary depending on who built the vehicle.
  2. Automated versus manual components – The more automated a front loader trash truck is, the more it’s likely to cost. For example, an automatic hydraulic arm is a great convenience. But it can also affect the asking price.
  3. Number and type of features – Newer front loaders often have backup cameras, grappling attachments, and other features that may raise their cost.

The Best Way to Save Money on a Front Loader Garbage Truck

Is there a way to get the high-quality, fully equipped front loader garbage truck you need without paying a premium price?

The answer is yes. By purchasing your waste hauling vehicles from the extensive selection here at Route Ready, you can enjoy all the benefits of a brand-new truck without paying too much.

A lower price is only one advantage to buying from Route Ready. You also get:

  • Immediate delivery – Our trucks are ready now for you to take possession.
  • Multiple levels of coverage – We have Basic, Plus, and Premium protection plans available. Our customer service experts will be happy to give you all the details.
  • Assured quality – All of our trucks are engineered and built by world-class companies like Mack, McNeilus, and Heil. You can rest assured that they were manufactured to the highest possible standards.
  • No federal excise taxes – This saves you even more money.

Avoid Service Delays by Ordering Your Truck Today

No matter what kind of waste you haul, one thing is for sure: Your client wants it done right away. That’s why they hired you in the first place.

But, as we all know, life is full of surprises. What will happen if one of your current vehicles develops mechanical problems? What will happen if your workload increases? What if a natural disaster creates huge amounts of debris that must be cleaned up ASAP?

How will you deal with these unexpected situations? The best way to do so is by purchasing a vehicle from us here at Route Ready. That way, you can take possession immediately, honor your contractual obligations, and keep your clients happy.

We have plenty of top-quality front loader garbage trucks for sale right now. Browse our selection and contact us today. You’ll soon have the vehicles you need to outdo your competition.

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