How Much Does a Side Loader Garbage Truck Cost?

The cost of a side loader garbage truck depends on many factors, including whether the truck is brand-new or preowned. Purchasing a showroom model can easily set you back more than six figures. On the other hand, investing in a quality used truck can slash 50% or more off that cost.

Route Ready’s late-model used side loaders for sale are backed by industry-exclusive warranties and READY NOW to leave our lot and go to work for your business. For your customized garbage truck quote, get in touch with our office today.

Factors That Affect Side Loader Garbage Truck Cost

Let’s look at those factors that will impact the final purchase price of a side loader garbage truck. They include:

  • The truck’s condition – Our inventory includes late-model trucks from top manufacturers that have been thoroughly inspected and expertly reconditioned to give you the durability and long-lasting performance you need – at significantly lower cost than buying new.
  • Waste hauling capacity – Every trip to the landfill takes money out of your pocket, as every refuse hauler knows. Trucks that haul more waste to command a higher sticker price.
  • Maintenance and repair expenses – This is where having an industry-exclusive warranty like Route Ready’s Basic, Plus, and Premium plans can save you serious money.
  • Features – Cost goes up when special features are included, such as arms that automatically deposit the garbage cans into the hopper, or backup cameras that prevent serious accidents.
  • Taxes – Brand-new trash trucks come with a hefty federal excise tax, inflating the price you actually pay. A great way to avoid this expense is by purchasing a preowned unit from us here at Route Ready, where all the vehicles in our inventory are free of federal excise tax.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Perhaps you’re letting concerns about cost prevent you from adding a side loader garbage truck to your fleet. If so, then here’s something to think about: Doing nothing may cost you more than making a purchase.

That’s because speed and reliability are everything in the waste hauling business. When you’re unable to meet your contractual commitments, you leave the door wide open for your competitors. For this reason, the price of waiting may be too great to risk.

Rugged, Dependable Trucks That Are Ready Now for You to Purchase

Unlike brand-new vehicles, there’s no extended waiting time when it comes to purchasing our side loader garbage trucks for sale. Every vehicle you see in our inventory is ready now for you to take possession. Give us a call or fill out our quick online contact form to take the next step. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits.

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