The Best Rear Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers

The Best Rear Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Here at Route Ready, we sell preowned rear loading garbage trucks manufactured by two of the leading names in the industry: Heil and McNeilus. All of these vehicles have the features you need, including ruggedness, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

By purchasing a used late-model rear loading truck in top condition from Route Ready, you’ll save thousands off the cost of buying new. Plus, we offer no-wait-time delivery and a range of protection plans for your peace of mind. There’s no better way to get the quality commercial trucks you need right away. Contact us today to get things started.

Heil Rear Loader Trucks

Heil was founded in 1901 by Julius Heil and has been in continuous operation ever since. Its business philosophy is summed up in the company’s slogan: “Build it right, and then back it with integrity.”

Here at Route Ready, we’re proud to offer two outstanding models from the Heil rear loader line. One is the DuraPack 5000 rear loader, which comes with the following standard features:

  • Three-micron oil filtration
  • Single-handed manual controls
  • A 3.94 cubic yard hopper
  • A fully welded interlaced subframe
  • An accessible side door – makes routine maintenance quick and easy.
  • Space-saving features like smaller cylinders – for increased packing efficiency.

We also carry the Heil PT1100 rear loader garbage truck, which offers these standard features:

  • The fastest cycle time in its vehicle class – to maximize your crew’s collection efficiency.
  • In-body oil tank – frees up valuable rail space while protecting the tank from contamination risks.
  • Three-micron oil filtration
  • Automated tailgate locks – allows the driver to secure the tailgate by using the in-cab instrument display.
  • Accessible maintenance points – to make caring for your PT 1100 easier than ever.

These trucks are built from Freightliner bodies and feature Cummins engines.

McNeilus Rear Loader Trucks

McNeilus got its start back in 1970 by building refuse collection vehicles for cities of all sizes. Its strategic partnership with parent company Oshkosh gives it access to hundreds of exclusive patents and more than 1000 global product developers.

We carry multiple McNeilus rear loading trucks, including the Standard rear loader 2511 & 2516, widely regarded as the most dependable and productive rear loaders for both residential and light duty commercial routes. Primary features include:

  • Three-cubic-yard hopper capacity – hopper is constructed from high-quality abrasion-resistant steel.
  • Fast 16-second pack cycle time
  • Bright, long-lasting LED lights
  • Adaptable to both domestic and international vehicle standards

We also carry the McNeilus M2 rear loader, which has features like these:

  • Compact, lighter-weight body design – makes the M2 well suited for customers who need a truck that can maneuver in space.
  • Ease of maintenance – thanks to its single-axle chassis.
  • 18–22-second slide and sweep cycle – allows you to collect more waste in less time.
  • Compacting power of up to 653 kilograms (1100 pounds) per cubic meter
  • 2.3-cubic-meter (3-cubic-yard) hopper built from top-quality abrasion-resistant steel

These trucks are made from Peterbilt or Freightliner bodies and feature either Cummins or Paccar engines.

Why Doing Business With Us Is Better Than Buying New

The only drawback of investing in one of these industry-leading powerhouses is the high upfront cost of a brand-new model. That’s why we’re happy to offer them in top-quality used condition with no federal excise taxes. This is a fantastic way to get the vehicles you need while enjoying substantial savings.

Each of our rear loader garbage trucks for sale receives a painstaking top-to-bottom inspection to ensure that it’s in excellent working condition. All of them carry the remaining OEM body and chassis warranties, and many of them are backed by our own industry-exclusive warranties as well.

Best of all, these vehicles are ready now for you to take delivery. So get in touch with us today for your customized garbage truck quote. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits.


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