Advantages of Automating Your Fleet With Automatic Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Adding an automated front loader garbage truck to your waste hauling fleet provides safety and savings, all while maintaining productivity. At Route Ready, we offer a wide selection of top-quality, late-model used front loader garbage trucks for sale. You can buy with assurance, as our premium garbage trucks come with 30 and 60-day confidence guarantees in addition to the original OEM warranty. Additionally, all of our trucks are exempt from federal excise tax. Our top-condition waste hauling vehicles are READY NOW to be delivered to your fleet with no wait time!

Automatic Front Loader Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of an automated front loader:

  • Just 4 to 5 seconds from wheel stop to wheel start – the fastest load time available
  • 20 percent greater fuel efficiency
  • Shorter wheelbases for navigation through cul-de-sacs and other tight spots
  • Significant contamination rate reduction
  • Eyes-forward operation for overall safety and fewer repetitive stress injuries on operators

Heil Half/Pack Automated Front Loader

There’s a reason that Heil front loader garbage trucks have been consistently popular for decades. Heil’s track record is second to none when it comes to reliability and performance.

The Heil Half/Pack automated front loaders feature the Curotto-Can Automated Carry Can, with the fastest load time of any vehicle on the market. Service more customers more quickly than with any comparable vehicle.

Here are some Heil Half/Pack standard features:

  • Solid foundation for longevity and top resale value
  • Elevated packer and eject tracks
  • Reliable sensor technology
  • Illuminated pushbutton controls
  • Integrated display with onboard diagnostics
  • Shur-Lock tailgate locks
  • Zinc-plated hydraulic tubes, lessening component replacement

The Half/Pack’s Service Smart design simplifies routine maintenance, keeping your asset out of the shop and on its route, doing what it is designed for – servicing your customers.

We also offer optional 3rd Eye digital packages. The factory-installed 3rd Eye Mobile and Radar System has the ability to connect up to eight cameras, allowing you to connect your fleet for service verification, body/chassis data, route management, and fuel tax reporting.

Preowned Automated Front Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

At Route Ready, we pride ourselves on providing customers with garbage trucks that are ready to work right away. While all trucks come equipped with a five-year extended OEM warranty, we offer peace of mind on our Plus & Premium lines through our industry-exclusive Route Ready confidence warranty.

Ready NOW, our most versatile used garbage trucks are DOT certified and safety compliant. Complete our form today to receive a used garbage truck quote. Since our trucks are ready to add to your fleet, any waiting time is minimal.

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