Here at Route Ready, we’re proud to sell expertly reconditioned garbage trucks from Labrie, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers and responsible for state-of-the-art waste management vehicles like the Automizer™, the Expert™, and the Wittke™.


Every Labrie truck offers a winning blend of power, versatility, and reliability. Plus, when you buy from Route Ready, you enjoy substantial savings over the cost of purchasing brand-new vehicles.




Built to take care of business in commercial routes.


The ultimate go-to for


Handles residential demands and obstacles.


Take on any projects with this powerful workhorse.

High-Performance Trucks Backed by Outstanding Customer Service


Founded in 1933, Labrie is a top-tier manufacturer providing outstanding waste management vehicles to hundreds of private companies and public municipalities. Backed by a stellar team of customer service experts, the Labrie name is known and respected around the world.


Labrie Side Loader: Automizer™


This capable side loader features a joystick-controlled loading arm that reaches out to a full 12 feet and has a 1000-pound lifting capacity when fully extended.


The Automizer™ is also highly maneuverable, thanks to its low dumping height. This makes it a great choice for densely packed residential neighborhoods.


Labrie Side Loader: Expert™


Known for its versatility, the Expert™ is a drop-frame side loader that can be used for either manual or automated collection. The hopper is easy to access from either the street or the curb, taking the hassle out of trash collection along one-way streets and alleys.


The Expert™ has an arm with a 10-foot reach and 400-pound fully extended lifting capacity. It also offers a speedy 13-second packing cycle, boosting your workers’ efficiency while cutting your operating costs.


Labrie Front Loader: Wittke™


The Wittke™ is one of the most durable front loading trucks on the market. Designed for both residential and commercial routes, this tough-as-nails vehicle is crafted from AR450 steel for superior resistance to abrasion. Combined with its efficient 12- to 14-second arm cycle, the Wittke’s rugged construction makes it more than a match for even the most demanding waste collection routes.


Labrie Rear Loader Trucks and Other Used Labrie Trucks for Sale


When you purchase your Labrie trucks from Route Ready, you get all the benefits of an outstanding waste hauling vehicle without the burdensome costs of buying new.


All of our Labrie garbage trucks for sale are inspected top to bottom and guaranteed to be in full compliance with DOT safety standards. Our Plus and Premium lines are backed by our industry-exclusive warranties, which are in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.


All of our trucks are exempt from federal excise taxes, slashing thousands more off the final cost. These vehicles are ready now to be delivered with no wait time.


Used Labrie Garbage Trucks for Sale


We’d love to tell you more about our Labrie trucks and the warranties and certifications that back them up. So contact us today to request a garbage truck quote. When it comes to Labrie trash trucks, nobody beats Route Ready.