Everything You Need to Know About the Labrie Expert Helping Hand Side Loader

Everything You Need to Know About the Labrie Expert Helping Hand Side Loader

The Labrie Expert Helping Hand™ side loader garbage truck features an innovative mechanical arm that, along with a tapered body and option for a variety of configurations, makes it one of the most versatile waste hauling vehicles on the market.

When you buy your used Labrie side loader from Route Ready, you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with being our customer. These include fast delivery, assured quality, and competitive pricing. Our customer service experts will be happy to give you all the details.

Below, let’s look at what makes the Labrie Expert such a great trash pickup vehicle.

What Sets the Labrie Expert Side Loader Apart

The Labrie Expert Helping Hand™ side loader offers manual, semi-automated, and fully automated functionality. Other unbeatable advantages include:

  • Efficient tapered design – which optimizes the truck’s compaction ratio by keeping the waste at the back of the body.
  • Reinforced steel construction – both sides of the truck are forged from single sheets of steel. This eliminates those rust-prone reinforcement posts that cause so much trouble in other garbage truck models.
  • Ultra-durable hopper floor – which is five times more abrasive- resistant than hoppers made from mild steel.
  • Fully programmable multi-cycle packer – the operator can set the controls to use between 2-8 strokes, compacting the waste after each arm cycle for added efficiency.
  • Easy-access hopper – with a loading height of only 5.5 inches above the chassis. This reduces the strain on your worker’s backs and helps to prevent injuries.
  • Comfortable, easy to access operator cab – which can be modified for both left- and right-hand applications. The spacious cab also has a 12,500 BTU heater, for cozy comfort on those blistering cold days.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – thanks to the extra-large sump box that protects the packer cylinders from wastewater contamination.
  • Customizable hoses and tubing – which can be placed on either side of the vehicle body for quick access and improved protection.

How the Helping Hand™ Feature Makes Waste Collection Easy

Labrie’s Helping Hand™ mechanical arm helps automate waste pickup and improve efficiency. It comes with these great features:

  • 400 pound lifting capacity – for handling even the heaviest waste bins with ease.
  • Pivot point with zero swing out motion – for use in narrow alleyways and other crowded spaces.
  • Maximum 10 foot reach when fully extended.
  • Silky-smooth, reliable operation – thanks to the electric proportional valves.

We think you’ll agree that our Labrie Expert side loader garbage trucks for sale will make excellent additions to your fleet. That brings us to the added benefits of buying your vehicles from us.

Labrie Garbage Trucks from Route Ready

When you buy your preowned Labrie garbage trucks for sale from Route Ready, you get more than an outstanding waste hauling vehicle. You also enjoy these added benefits:

  • Substantial savings off the cost of buying new – our staff will provide you with a customized quote for your review.
  • Quick delivery – these trucks are READY NOW for you to take delivery.
  • No federal excise tax – which can save you thousands of dollars all by itself.
  • Assured quality – every garbage truck we sell undergoes our painstaking top to bottom inspection and reconditioning program. Our Plus and Premium vehicles carry our INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE WARRANTIES in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation garbage truck quote. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits and lower operating costs.

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