4 Advantages of Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

Waste haulers can gain many advantages from using rear loader garbage trucks, including:

  1. Time-tested performance: rear loading garbage trucks have been around since the 1930s.
  2. Reliability: rear loaders have fewer moving parts than other designs, so they’re less likely to break down.
  3. Maneuverability: rear loader trash trucks can move easily through narrow streets that would pose serious problems for other types of garbage haulers.
  4. Affordability: the large number of used rear loader garbage trucks on the market makes these vehicles a budget-wise option for both public entities and private companies.

Designed Specifically for Municipal Trash Routes

The rear loader garbage truck is a common sight on streets across the United States. The secret to its efficiency is the compaction cycle, which presses the waste against a steel plate located just behind the cab. This removes waste liquids and air, allowing the truck to make less trips to the city dump or local landfill.

Rear loading trucks are designed to handle multiple types of garbage cans. There’s no need for the community to adopt a single waste bin design for all its residents. This is a special boon for small towns with limited budgets.

A rear loading garbage truck is also a great choice for congested urban environments, due to its teardrop-shaped configuration. There’s less risk of collisions and worker accidents. Plus, most rear loaders can be outfitted with motorized cart tippers to reduce stress and strain on sanitation employees.

Classic Design with Modern Conveniences

Modern rear loading garbage trucks have cutting-edge features like spacious cabs, 360° camera coverage, and onboard diagnostics. This makes operating the vehicle easier and safer than ever before.

Why You Should Buy Your Preowned Rear Loaders from Route Ready

The only downside to buying a brand-new rear loading garbage truck is the high cost of the initial purchase. That’s why many waste hauling businesses across the country turn to Route Ready for expertly reconditioned, late-model used rear loader garbage trucks for sale instead.

Every vehicle we sell goes through a painstaking top to bottom inspection to ensure it’s in proper working order. Our Plus and Premium vehicle lines carry extended warranty coverage in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.

Combine these benefits with the outstanding price point you’ll receive and it’s easy to see why Route Ready is the industry leader when it comes to used waste hauling vehicles.

These trucks are READY NOW to be delivered to you. Contact us today for your free garbage truck quote. With Route Ready trucks, your business will soon be running smoother and more profitably than ever before.

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