What Are the Benefits of a Roll Off Garbage Truck?

Roll off trucks offer many benefits for waste hauling companies. These include:

  • Versatility – roll off trucks are a great choice for industrial, rural, post-construction, and post-disaster cleanup jobs.
  • Reliability – the mechanical simplicity of a roll off truck makes it less likely to experience technical problems than conventional garbage trucks. Roll off trucks are among the easiest trash pickup trucks to operate and maintain.
  • Practicality – purchasing used roll off trucks from Route Ready is a perfect way to expand your company’s range of services.

Let’s look at these advantages in more detail.

A Versatile Solution for all Types of Trash Pickup Challenges

Roll off garbage trucks are effective solutions for a variety of waste management needs, including:

  • Industrial settings – the ability to haul waste on an as-needed basis allows commercial enterprises to scale their operations up and down to match changing demands.
  • Rural communities – where centralized dumpster stations often serve as a substitute for house-to-house garbage collection.
  • Post-construction – cleaning up a job site after a large building project requires the use of dumpsters, which in turn requires the use of roll off garbage trucks.
  • Post-disaster – storms and other calamities create vast amounts of waste that must be collected and hauled away as quickly as possible.

A Practical Way to Boost Your Company’s Profits

Most waste hauling companies rely on residential trash collection as their primary source of revenue. Expanding your services into other areas can boost your bottom line. Buying late-model, preowned roll off trucks from Route Ready is a great way to access these opportunities without breaking your budget.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Get in Touch With Us Today

Route Ready leads the industry when it comes to preowned waste hauling vehicles. Here’s what you’ll gain by doing business with us:

  • Substantial savings – while still enjoying the full functionality and features of an industry-leading late-model vehicle. Plus, all of our trucks are FREE OF FEDERAL EXCISE TAX, saving you even more.
  • Outstanding quality – each of our roll off trucks for sale receives a painstaking inspection to ensure it’s in excellent working condition.
  • Industry exclusive warranties – our Plus and Premium vehicle lines are protected by our in-house 30- to 60-day guarantees. These programs are in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.
  • Fast delivery – our trucks are READY NOW for you to take possession.

Contact us today for your free garbage truck quote. We are happy to assist you with all of your waste hauling vehicle needs.

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