Buying Guide: Tips for Purchasing Terminal Tractors - Autocar terminal tractor

Buying Guide: Tips for Purchasing Terminal Tractors

Here are three key factors to consider when purchasing terminal tractors:

  1. Performance specs
  2. Operator environment
  3. Manufacturer reputation

Want to get all the advantages of a top-quality late-model terminal truck or yard truck while avoiding the exorbitant cost of buying new? Get the best of both worlds with Route Ready. Our used terminal tractors for sale are manufactured by industry leader Autocar and are fully refurbished to give you the durability and long-term performance you need, whether you operate a distribution center, cargo yard, industrial site, warehouse, or other facility. Top features include ergonomic ingress/egress, maximum visibility, and superior turn radius to help you efficiently move in and out of tight spaces all day.

Our ACTT shunt trucks also include advanced telematics from Autocar to help you manage your fleet and save time and money.

Get in touch with us today to take the next step. For now, let’s look at the above factors in more detail.

Key Specs of Used Terminal Tractors

These include:

  • Engine horsepower – this will affect the amount of weight the truck can tow. So make sure that its capacity meets your needs with plenty to spare.
  • Wheelbase – most terminal tractors have a compact 4 x 2 wheelbase for ease of turning. But there are some advantages to choosing a longer 6 x 4 wheelbase, such as added stability on rough roads.
  • Type of transmission – all of our terminal tractors use Allison transmissions with either pushbutton or T handle controls. This configuration provides both capability and ease of operation.
  • DOT compliance – a DOT-compliant truck can travel on public roads. But it can also make the vehicle more costly. So make sure you need this feature before investing in it.

Operator Environment

Comfort and safety are essential when it comes to used terminal tractors for sale. Look for these specific features:

  • A reliable, easy to operate HVAC system – make sure the heating and air-conditioning units are in good shape and function properly.
  • Easy-to-read gauges – so the operator can know what’s going on with the vehicle at all times.
  • Ergonomic controls – to prevent repetitive motion injuries and ensure operator satisfaction.
  • Spacious windshield and windows – so the operator can know what’s going on in the external environment at all times.


Route Ready is proud to partner with AutoCar, the industry leader in manufacturing terminal trucks with well over 100 years of continuous operation under its belt.

AutoCar builds all of its terminal tractors at its plant in Hagerstown, Indiana, so you’re getting American-made quality. Plus, the company’s R&D team is constantly working to improve and upgrade its products. With Autocar, you can count on having a reliable, technologically advanced commercial vehicle.

Route Ready: The Best Choice for a Refurbished Terminal Tractor

The only drawback to buying a brand-new AutoCar terminal tractor is the accompanying sticker shock. Luckily, there’s an easy workaround for this problem.

By purchasing a used commercial vehicle from us here at Route Ready, you’ll enjoy outstanding quality and substantial savings at the same time. Plus, all of our trucks are free of federal excise tax, so you can save even more.

We perform a painstaking top to bottom inspection on every vehicle we sell to ensure that it’s in excellent working condition. Our Prime and Premium vehicles carry our own industry-exclusive warranties, and all of our trucks carry the remaining OEM warranty.

Best of all, these trucks are ready now to go to work for your fleet, with most deliveries taking place within 48 hours. Contact us today for your used terminal tractor quote. With Route Ready, you’ll soon be on the road to higher profits.


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