Autocar Terminal Tractor

Autocar/ACTT42 Specifications

Autocar terminal tractors are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for moving shipping containers and semi trailers around a truck terminal or cargo yard. Autocar’s ACTT 4×2 is one of the finest models available.

Below, we’ll break down the various factors that make the ACTT 4×2 such an excellent terminal tractor.

Top Features of the Autocar ACTT 4×2

  • With versatile engine options, including diesel and natural gas, the ACTT 4×2 is flexible and can slot into any commercial fleet. All versions of the ACTT 4×2’s engine, the Cumins B6.7, deliver 200 horsepower.
  • The ACTT 4×2 features the tallest, widest, and deepest cab and door combination in the industry and is made from 100% steel, ensuring the driver’s safety and the truck’s durability. The cab also features premium E-coating, which prevents corrosion and reduces the need for repairs.
  • The heaviest bumper in its class further protects the tractor and driver in the event of a collision.
  • A four-point cab air suspension featuring two rear airbags/shocks double system gives the driver a more comfortable ride.
  • The ACTT 4×2 features numerous other driver safety and comfort features. Extra-large grip footing on all walking surfaces prevents any slips or falls, while the standard staircase prevents dirt or ice buildup, making for a safer and easier ingress and egress. The rear and side-view mirrors are optimally positioned for visibility, a critical factor while navigating the cramped confines of a cargo yard or terminal. Finally, the cab interior is well-insulated from outside sound, reducing operator stress and fatigue.
  • With the largest clear sight visibility in the industry, the ACTT 4×2 allows the driver to maintain situational awareness at all times.
  • The hydraulics system on the ACTT 4×2 offers unparalleled up/down speeds while also being extremely durable. This means it is quicker and easier to load and unload cargo, meaning you can get more done in less time.
  • The Smart-Air Lockout system prevents trailers from being dropped and damaged while moving, along with a boom sensor system that notifies the operator when the trailer is raised to a safe level and when the 5th wheel is locked properly.

Add a Used Autocar Terminal Tractor to Your Fleet

If you’re looking to add a used Autocar ACTT 4×2 to your commercial vehicle fleet, contact Route Ready Trucks. We offer a wide range of used waste trucks for sale, with all of our vehicles carefully inspected and certified to ensure you get premium performance without the price tag associated with a brand-new truck.

You can call or email us today for a free terminal tractor quote to get in touch with one of our expert staff. We specialize in helping companies manage their long-term trucking needs, and we can’t wait to do the same for you as well. See how we can help you save money and scale up your business with used terminal tractors for sale.

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