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Petersen TL3 Grapple Truck Specifications

With grapple trucks more popular than ever in the waste management industry, many refuse haulers are looking for used grapple trucks for sale to add to their fleet. Grapple trucks allow a single operator to pick up and deposit bulk waste from the safety of the truck’s cab, making them far more efficient and less hazardous than using conventional work crews.

Below, we’ll look at the specifications of Petersen’s TL3 grapple truck, one of the finest models available today, and what makes it so effective.

Specifications of the Petersen TL3 Grapple Truck

  • A 20-foot boom reach – with a 4-foot telescoping extension, this means that the Petersen TL3 can reach further and handle larger jobs.
  • 3,200 lb. lift capacity when fully extended – this means that even the heaviest loads can be picked up and handled by the Petersen TL3.
  • 7,100 lift capacity at 10 feet – for when strength is more important than range, the Petersen TL3 can more than double its lifting capacity.
  • H-style outriggers – these independently operating horizontal and vertical outriggers give you more room to maneuver the arm around obstacles.
  • Boom-up alarm systems – this system of red lights and buzzers alert the operator whenever the boom exceeds the legal travel height, improving safety.
  • An enclosed hose recoil system – this minimizes exposure for the TL3’s hydraulic hoses, improvising the truck’s reliability.
  • Dump body sizes ranging from 20 to 30 cubic yards – allowing the operator to tackle even the largest of waste sites.
  • A variety of control options – The Petersen TL3 comes with greaseless proportional dual walk-thru level controls that are operational from either side of the truck, along with QUADSTICK controls and stationary top mount controls with joysticks or valve handles.
  • A single cylinder collection bucket – this keeps hydraulic hoses out of work areas, allows for a stronger bite force, and ensures that both sides of the bucket work together for collecting waste and debris.
  • A scissor hoist that lifts 23 tons – the most stable hoist on the market for grapple trucks. With a power up and down design, it is both safe and reliable.
  • Durable head and pedestal assembly – featuring innovations like Nylatron bushings in the bearing housing, a sealed planetary gearbox, and a lock-collar to prevent vertical movement of the king post, the Petersen TL3 boasts incredible durability and low maintenance times.

Add a Used Grapple Truck to Your Fleet

If you’re planning to add a grapple truck to your commercial waste management company’s fleet, contact Route Ready Trucks. We offer a wide range of used waste trucks for sale, all of them inspected and certified to perform just as well as a brand-new vehicle.

We specialize in helping companies forecast their long-term trucking needs, and can provide you with a grapple truck quote as soon as you give us a call. So don’t hesitate, reach out today!

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