Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

Invest in your fleet’s flexibility and get the most return on your capital when you purchase a latest-model reconditioned rear loader garbage truck from Route Ready. Our rear loader workhorses have the versatility to take on the most demanding waste removal routes, from residential to commercial, in big cities and small towns, and everywhere in between. Our rigorous reconditioning and certification process ensures that you get a late-model truck in top condition at a price well below the cost of buying new. Get peace of mind knowing that your purchase is backed not only by the remaining OEM warranty but also our exclusive 30 or 60-day confidence warranty.

At Route Ready, we sell only late-model rear loaders from top manufacturers that the industry trusts, such as Heil and McNeilus—all at a significantly reduced cost.

Get the truck you want in peak condition for less. Our rear loader garbage trucks for sale are exempt from excise tax and ready now to hit the road.

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Rear Loaders For Sale

Rear Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

Adding rear loader garbage trucks to your fleet is a great way to expand the range of services you offer. Here’s why rear loaders have been the industry standard for over 30 years:

  • Versatility: Rear loader garbage trucks are able to maneuver in and out of narrow streets, a big plus for working in crowded urban environments. They’re great for hauling both residential waste and moderate amounts of refuse left over after construction projects, storms, or major accidents.
  • Safety: The collection bin on rear loaders is set low and close to the street. This allows workers to empty trash cans and deposit debris without the risks of lifting the material to head or chest level. Many units include a hydraulic lift that takes the sweat and strain out of emptying heavy waste bins.
  • Dependability: Rear loader refuse trucks have fewer hydraulic components than other designs. For you, this means less risk of expensive and time-consuming mechanical problems.
  • Economy: Modern rear loaders, like the kind we carry here at Route Ready, are environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. This translates into lower operating costs and, ultimately, higher profits for you.

Used Rear Loader Garbage Trucks for Sale

Fresh from our uncompromising inspection and reconditioning process, the rear loader refuse trucks for sale in our inventory are primed to provide rock-solid reliability over the long haul.

Our trucks are comparable quality-wise to new models. We offer three certification levels, including a premium service that gives you access to refuse trucks in like-new condition. Call to request a garbage truck quote, and our customer service experts can give you all the details.

Our inventory does change over time, so contact us today to make sure you get the truck you want.