Rear Loader Truck Specifications

Rear loading garbage trucks are a great choice for any waste hauling company that needs a tough, reliable, versatile vehicle for residential or commercial use. Here at Route Ready, we offer expertly reconditioned used rear loaders for sale that are backed by industry-exclusive warranties. Our trucks are ready right now to hit the road and go to work for your company. Plus, all of them are free of federal excise tax. Here are some key garbage truck specs for the vehicles we offer.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Specifications

Rear loader garbage trucks are what most people picture when they imagine a waste hauling vehicle. They offer these advantages:

  • Ease of maintenance – rear loading garbage trucks have fewer mechanical parts than other designs, making them simpler and easier to maintain
  • Maneuverability – the compact design of a rear loader garbage truck allows it to maneuver easily through crowded urban and industrial environments
  • Versatility – rear loader garbage trucks can be loaded by hand or with the help of a mechanical tipper, whichever you prefer

We proudly offer rear loader garbage trucks for sale from two distinguished manufacturers, Heil and McNeilus.

Heil Rear Loader Garbage Truck Specs

In business for over 100 years, the Heil name is synonymous with quality and customer service around the world. Their 20/25 Yard PT 1000/Durapack 5000 rear loaders come equipped with the following specifications:

  • 235 inches for the 20-yard model and 270 inches for the 25-yard model – so you can haul more waste in fewer trips
  • 1000 lbs. per cubic yard compaction rate – one of the highest ratings in the industry
  • 17–19-second cycle time – with a reload time of as little as six seconds
  • 3.96-yard hopper capacity – the highest of any waste hauling vehicle currently made

McNeilus Rear Loader Garbage Truck Specs

A McNeilus rear loader is a great choice for both residential and light commercial routes. The company’s 2010/2511 models come equipped with these specifications:

  • 102-inch overall width – for enhanced stability on all types of roads.
  • Hopper capacity of three cubic yards – allowing you to carry up to 18 tons of refuse at one time.
  • Total body length of 262 inches for the 20-yard model and 294 inches for the 25-yard model – Larger size means greater efficiency.
  • Self-lubricating slide shoes and fewer lube points on the tailgate – reducing maintenance requirements while boosting reliability.

Want More Options? No Problem

Want to customize your truck with personalized features? No problem. Upon your request, we can install added equipment such as:

  • A container tipper bar
  • A reeving cylinder
  • Fire extinguishers
  • A rearview color monitor

Learn More About Rear Loader Garbage Truck Specs

Each of our vehicles is backed by the remaining OEM warranty. Our Plus and Premium trucks include added warranties for ultimate assurance and peace of mind.

These trucks are READY NOW to be driven off the lot and delivered to you with no wait time. For your free garbage truck quote, we invite you to contact Route Ready Trucks today.

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