Everything You Need to Know About the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader Garbage Truck

The McNeilus Zero Radius (ZR) Side Loader is the perfect waste management vehicle for densely packed residential routes. Featuring a fast pack cycle and the largest hopper of any side loader on the market, the McNeilus ZR Side Loader garbage truck is engineered to effectively handle even the most challenging clearance issues. The unique radius design lets you easily navigate narrow streets, alleyways, cul-de-sacs, parked cars, and other obstacles that would otherwise slow you down and detract from your fleet’s efficiency. By purchasing a used McNeilus ZR Side Loader in expertly refurbished condition from Route Ready, you’ll get the full benefit of this outstanding truck while enjoying substantial savings over the cost of buying new.

Route Ready delivers used McNeilus side loaders for sale RIGHT NOW, with no wait time. Contact us today to get the truck you need immediately.

McNeilus ZR Side Loader Specifications

The versatile and powerful McNeilus ZR Side Loader truck comes with these standard features:

  • The largest hopper of any side loading truck on the market – so you can haul more waste in fewer trips.
  • Fast, efficient pack cycle – to boost your productivity beyond that of your competitors.
  • Heavyweight power – the McNeilus ZR Side Loader can lift garbage cans ranging in size from 30 to 110 gallons.
  • Load-sense hydraulics – this energy-efficient feature will allow you to enjoy extra fuel savings.
  • Reach-out arm design – so the truck can grab and manipulate waste containers without the need for wide swing-out clearances.
  • Reinforced cylinders – featuring a patented tool shaver and hardened nitrided rods to keep debris out of the inner mechanisms.
  • Full-eject body – there’s no need for the driver to exit the truck while ejecting the load; this helps to keep workers safe from hazardous materials and potential accidents.
  • Electronic operate-at-idle arms – reduce vehicle sway and racket for a more comfortable operating experience.

Your McNeilus ZR Side Loader Garbage Truck Is Ready for Immediate Delivery

The McNeilus ZR Automated Side Loader is available in a variety of sizes, from 22 to 31 cubic yards. Choose a truck from our wide-ranging inventory, and get it delivered immediately with no wait time. Your expertly reconditioned McNeilus side loader is READY NOW to be driven off our lot and go to work for you without delay. Tackle even the most difficult residential waste removal challenges with the McNeilus ZR Side Loader, and maximize your profits. Our impeccably reconditioned pre-owned trucks are backed by industry-exclusive warranties, so you always have peace of mind.

Why You Should Buy Your Used Garbage Trucks from Route Ready

Not only are our used McNeilus refuse trucks for sale in excellent condition and ready to deliver the long-term performance you expect, but you also save by not having to pay any federal excise taxes on our vehicles.

Added advantages of doing business with Route Ready include:

  • Our thorough inspection process – we comprehensively inspect every vehicle we sell to ensure that it’s safe, fully operational, and DOT compliant.
  • Our industry-exclusive warranty program – our Plus and Premium vehicles are backed by our 30- to 60-day Confidence Guarantee. This is in addition to the remaining OEM warranty.
  • Additional upgrades available – depending on the truck you choose, we can upgrade or replace components such as belts, hoses, rollers, and winch cables for added years of trouble-free service.

For your free garbage truck quote, we invite you to contact Route Ready Trucks today. Remember, we can put you on the road to higher profits and lower operating costs.

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