Roll Off Trucks vs Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Roll off trucks and front loader garbage trucks are both equipped to empty dumpsters or large containers, making them excellent choices for commercial and industrial trash pickup, as well as large-scale waste hauling projects like construction site or demolition site debris removal. While both of these types of trucks are able to handle large volumes of waste, they do vary in some of their features.

Front loader garbage trucks offer the advantage of hydraulic packers that can compact up to 40 cubic yards of trash, making them highly efficient and reducing the number of trips back and forth to the landfill.

Roll off trucks offer versatility because they can drop off a dumpster at a debris site, move off to service other jobs, and return only when the dumpster is full and ready to be removed. This eliminates downtime since a roll off truck is never waiting at a job site idly.

Not sure which option is the best addition to your fleet? Read on for more details, or contact the knowledgeable pros at Route Ready to discuss which of the late-model preowned garbage trucks in our inventory is right for your business’ needs and budget. You can count on quality and performance when you buy from Route Ready, as our vehicles are expertly reconditioned and backed by industry-leading warranties. Our front loader and roll off garbage trucks are manufactured by industry leaders such as Heil, McNeilus, and Galbreath, and are ready to be delivered RIGHT NOW to your fleet with no wait time. Contact us today to get started!

When Your Best Option Is a Roll off Truck

Roll off dumpster trucks are frequently used for unexpected or periodic waste hauling jobs. Two common examples are construction worksites and post-disaster cleanup.

Roll off trucks come in two distinct designs. These are:

  • Cable-hoisted trucks – the operator exits the vehicle and attaches a hook to the dumpster, pulling it onto the back of the truck with a steel cable.
  • Hook-hoisted trucks – this design uses a hydraulic arm to pull the dumpster onto the vehicle. Usually, the operator is able to complete this task while staying inside the cab.

Adding a roll off truck to your fleet will allow you to take advantage of new and unexpected income opportunities. There will always be a need for these rugged, powerful vehicles.

When Your Best Option Is a Front Loader Garbage Truck

Front loader garbage trucks are used for emptying waste containers that remain in one location.

For example, most rural communities have centralized dumpster depots where residents can drop off their trash during operating hours.
These dumpsters stay at the facility for an extended period of time.

Needless to say, they can fill up pretty quickly. Front loader operators stay busy scooping them up, emptying their contents, and hauling the trash to the local landfill.

This is good, steady work that can provide reliable income for your business.

Our Used Roll Off and Front Loader Trucks Are READY NOW to Hit the Road

Buying a brand-new waste hauling truck can be capital intensive and cause significant lead times. Luckily, there’s a smarter way to get the vehicles you need.

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