rear loader garbage truck safety tips

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Safety Tips

Operating a rear loader garbage truck is a serious responsibility. These enormous vehicles are powerhouses that can boost the bottom line of your waste hauling business, but there’s always a chance of incurring injury or harm if a refuse truck is not operated according to the proper safety protocols.

Keep your workers safe and on the job, lower your accident risk, and maximize the efficiency of your fleet by taking all of the relevant safety measures regarding rear loader garbage trucks.

Ensure You Are Fit to Drive

Safety starts long before you get behind the wheel of a rear loader garbage truck. One of the best ways to stay safe is to ensure the operator is fit for work. This means being well rested, as fatigue is a common cause of accidents. It also means being in the physical condition needed to work safely. Avoiding impairment from drugs and alcohol is also key.

Focus on Safety Technology

Rear loader garbage trucks are typically fitted with several safety features. Making use of safety technology is a vital part of avoiding an accident or worker injury. Some of these safety features include dual emergency stop buttons, safety decals, and backup cameras. Carefully review all of these safety tools before your shift begins.

Leaving the Cab

When in doubt, leave the cab to check your surroundings to ensure you are aware of any potential hazards. Maneuvering these vehicles can be tricky, and having all of the information possible about the dangers you might not be able to view from the cab could avoid a crash.

Avoid Backing Up When Possible

Most rear loader garbage accidents occur when the vehicle is reversing. As with any large vehicle, it can be difficult to safely reverse rear loaders due to visibility issues. Avoid reversing when possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of injury or damaged property.

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