pros and cons of front loader garbage trucks

Pros and Cons of Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks are a versatile solution for a range of commercial, industrial, and demolition site waste removal needs. With heavy-duty hydraulic forks, they can lift both small and large containers and feature a large hopper capacity that can hold up to 40 cubic yards of trash, debris, or recyclable materials. Learn more below about whether adding a front loader is the right fit for your fleet’s long-term needs.

Advantages of Front Loader Garbage Trucks

The advantages of front loader garbage trucks include the following:

  • Most front loaders can hold much heavier loads than other types of trucks. This is particularly beneficial for organizations that produce a high volume of trash and can reduce a waste hauler’s number of trips to the landfill, which saves money on gas and other transportation-related costs.
  • Front loaders only require one person to operate them. The driver just positions the truck directly in front of the disposal bin, empties it, then backs up and moves on to the next stop. The automated lift on the front of the truck will grab the disposal container, such as a dumpster, and empty it into the back of the truck. This entire process only takes seconds, which reduces a waste hauler’s labor costs.
  • They require less maintenance than other types of garbage trucks, which makes them less expensive and simpler to operate in the long run.
  • Versatility is key. In addition to being used to transport garbage to landfills, front loader trucks can also be used to collect yard waste and recycling whether in large or small containers.
  • While the base vehicle weight of front loaders has gradually decreased, recent advancements in technology and craftsmanship have enabled front loader trucks to hold more weight than ever before, which reduces the time and costs associated with trips to the landfill.

Alternatives to Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks are typically best suited to commercial jobs like construction sites, shopping centers, and office complexes. For residential trash pickup that requires lifting smaller containers, side loaders equipped with automated grappling arms are generally the most efficient choice.

Buy Preowned Front Loader Refuse Trucks From Route Ready

At Route Ready, our used garbage trucks for sale are expertly reconditioned to give you the long-term dependability you expect. Customers who purchase a Route Ready Plus truck enjoy an industry-exclusive 30-day operational confidence warranty, while purchasers of our Route Ready Premium trucks enjoy a 60-day operational confidence warranty. If you are looking for long-term solutions to your garbage collection needs, call Route Ready Trucks today for a garbage truck quote and see what we can do for your business.

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