factors to consider before buying a used roll off truck

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Used Roll Off Truck

Roll off trucks are popular choices for waste management and debris removal in the commercial, industrial, and construction sectors. The roll and tilt mechanism allows for the open and topless containers to be easily deposited and retrieved on project sites, which lets you keep containers at multiple locations and serve a variety of customers with fewer trucks and drivers. The large volume capacity of the dumpsters increases efficiency by saving you trips back and forth to the landfill.

There are countless situations where a roll off truck is the right tool for the job. Roofing, demolition, gut home renovations, and natural disaster cleanup are just some of the common applications for preowned roll off garbage trucks.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a roll off truck, and the price is one of the most important. Used vehicles often make the most financial sense, letting you add a top-quality workhorse to your fleet at a significantly lower cost than buying new. Read on for additional key factors below.

Container Sizes

One of the most important considerations is container size. For larger roll off trucks, it could be possible to transport containers of any size. Smaller trucks could still carry an array of containers, but the options are more limited. Consider your size needs when purchasing a used roll off truck.


Route Ready offers impeccably reconditioned used roll off garbage trucks from Galbreath, an industry-leading manufacturer known for its innovative engineering and rugged, reliable waste hauling vehicles. They make a variety of sizes of roll off trucks, as well as a large selection of hoist models. Galbreath is second to none when it comes to safety and technical support.


Another consideration is the warranty, which is especially important when purchasing a used truck. At Route Ready, we provide several industry-exclusive confidence guarantees to give you peace of mind, including a 30-day warranty with our Plus trucks and a 60-day warranty with our Premium trucks. All vehicles additionally come with the OEM extended warranty. Always consider available warranties before purchasing a used roll off truck.

Long-Term Planning

You need to base this decision on more than just your current needs. Roll off trucks are an investment that requires forecasting your long-term needs and fleet expansion plans. Consult with Route Ready for long-range solutions that can help you meet future demands and keep your business growth on schedule.

Reach out today for more information about our used garbage trucks for sale or your complimentary garbage truck quote.

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