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The garbage collection industry, a noble profession, to say the least, keeps municipals steer clear of junk, debris and all manners of garbage. Different equipment and tools are used towards this endeavor some of which include: side loaders, rear loaders, tippers, hydraulic arms, and safety equipment. When choosing refuse equipment, several considerations are made. They include appropriateness for specific tasks, durability, sturdiness, reduced maintenance and efficiency. One of the renowned brands is labrie garbage trucks, who manufactures different types of trucks for the solid waste industry. Here are some products from Labrie, to understand the value the brand brings to the industry:

1. Labrie Top Select Truck

A common truck in North America, it is used for curbside trash collection and on-site sorting. This can either be done manually or semi-automatically. It has dual-side loading configurations too, easing the process of collection on both sides of a road. The truck has different compartments for sorting waste, facilitating recycling. These range anywhere from 2 to 7, allowing the utmost precision in sorting different garbage streams. These compartments are usually adjustable too, a feature that allows the size of the cubicles to be modified based on the expected amounts of waste. The truck is a high-level performance truck, capable of collecting trash from over five hundred households in a single route.

2. Labrie Minimax Truck

As the word suggests, this is a smaller truck, usually used for garbage collection at specific sites where garbage expected is a tad bit less than an entire neighborhood’s. Such sites include airports, parks or short household routes. It is also used in the recollection of missed waste. The truck prides itself in manual, semi-automated and fully automated collection configurations. It is a side-loading truck and has a helping hand-arm that is 84 inches long for automated configuration. When it comes to dumping, the truck has a full eject dumping system which hastens off-loading.

3. Predator Leaf and Light Debris Collection

This truck has a heavy-duty vacuum that makes it ideal for the collection of light-duty debris and leaves. It also has an active compaction system that compresses papers, leaves, grass and small branches to accommodate a greater load. This is done by super-hardened steel blades. Besides this, it could also be used for general collection making it a versatile option.

4. Wittke Front Loading Trucks

This one is like any other front loader, having a front-arm cycle that is faster and easy to maneuver in garbage collection. It is, however, specialized for commercial organics collection. This is through a water-resistant tailgate seal, pendulum packer and liquid-tight hopper. The Wittke Front loading truck is extremely tensile and has a very high lifting capacity. It could lift the heaviest organic loads up to an impressive 10,000lbs.

5. Alleygator Right-Hand

It is known as the Ideal Choice for Organics Collection amongst other Labrie Garbage Trucks. It aims at environmental sustainability by having a packing system for organic waste, to be later decomposed and re-used. It has an automated right-hand arm, a self-cleaning pendulum packing system and a 1000-pound lifting capacity. It is thus very productive and easy to maintain.

Labrie manufactures these and many other options for various garbage collection specializations. These examples are a representative of the top-notch quality produced by Labrie. Their trucks are specialized to suit different types of operations, making the brand unique. They are also well known for their durability, agility, strength, and productivity hence an amazing option when buying garbage trucks.

If you are interested in learning more about our used garbage trucks for sale, particularly our front loading trucks, contact Route Ready Trucks today to get your garbage truck quote. All of our trucks come with an OEM garbage truck warranty.

Note: Labrie Garbage Trucks are only available in Canada and not in the United States. Labrie is the main distributor of garbage trucks in the country of Canada and all territories within.

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