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Route Ready Certification & The Benefits

Certified Route Ready Trucks

The majority of people don’t think about garbage trucks. Their main concerns are when the trash will be picked up, why it wasn’t picked up, or if they can make the mad dash to the truck before it takes off. For others, the main concern is finding the certified garbage trucks that will fit their needs and can hit the ground running. What they need are used garbage trucks from Route Ready Trucks

What Is The Route Ready Certification?

Every single garbage truck is inspected using the guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation. Once the truck is compliant to those guidelines, they are fit for Route Ready Certification. These trucks arrive at the hauler and do not have any major blemishes on the inside or outside of the vehicle. Route Ready vehicles differ from Route Ready Plus and Route Ready Premium vehicles. In a Premium vehicle all parts are considered near-new, while Route Ready trucks are the most accessible trucks that have not had a total hydraulics overhaul.

What Do We Do For a Route Ready Certification?

We take steps to ensure that Route Ready trucks are compliant with DOT guidelines. These steps include detailing the trucks on the inside and outside to remove any major blemishes or issues. This includes a full interior detail and an exterior wash with a full body and chassis PM service. Each truck comes with a remainder OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) warranty as well as a 5-year OEM chassis warranty. There is no FET tax and each truck has Unlimited Mile Allison transmission. Expedited delivery is also available.

If you are looking to change out the trucks in your garbage fleet, then Route Ready is right for you. Our trucks come fully detailed and washed with unlimited mile Allison transmission and expedited delivery on demand. They are also DOT compliant. Contact us today for your new garbage fleet and get a used garbage truck quote today.

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