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How Much Does a Rear Loader Garbage Truck Cost?

While the exact price can vary due to a number of factors, you can expect a rear loader garbage truck to cost anywhere between $35,000 (for much older used models) to $400,000. If you are purchasing a brand-new model right off the showroom floor, it will obviously occupy the upper end of that spectrum. However, by purchasing a used rear loader garbage truck from a trusted dealer like Route Ready, you can slash 50% or more off of that price tag and still get a late-model, high-performance vehicle for your fleet.

Factors That Affect a Rear Loader Garbage Truck’s Cost

There are numerous variables that can impact the final price tag of a rear loader garbage truck, such as:

  • The truck’s condition: Obviously, a truck that has been used less than others will cost more. However, part of Route Ready’s guarantee is that all of our vehicles come from top manufacturers like Peterbilt, Mack, and Freightliner, and have been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned. Our trucks will give you the performance and durability you need, at a substantially lower cost than purchasing a brand-new model.
  • Maintenance and repair expenses: While they may not be included on the price tag, keeping your rear loader garbage truck running smoothly and safely will cost money in the long run as well, and should be considered in any budget. This is where having an exclusive warranty like Route Ready’s Basic, Plus, and Premium plans can help you save money in the long term.
  • Features: A truck will cost more when it includes extra features, such as a GPS system for navigation and route management or backup cameras that improve visibility. However, many garbage truck operators consider these features essential because of how they improve safety and operational capability.
  • Taxes: A new garbage truck comes with a heavy federal excise tax, no matter what state you operate in. This tax can severely inflate the amount of money you pay for a new addition to your fleet. Purchasing a used rear loader garbage truck from Route Ready, however, lets you avoid that excise tax completely.
  • Waste capacity: Trucks with greater waste capacity will naturally cost more. But remember, a larger hauling capacity means fewer trips to the landfill, which means a more efficient collection route, saving time (and therefore money) in the long term.

While adding a new truck to your fleet can be an intimidating prospect, remember that in the long term, doing nothing can be more expensive than expanding your fleet. This is because the most important factors for any waste management company are speed and reliability, factors you’ll miss out on if you don’t have a flexible and dependable fleet of trucks.

Route Ready Is Ready to Help

If you need a trustworthy source for used rear loader trucks for sale, you can put your faith in Route Ready. All of our waste trucks for sale have been inspected and certified to the highest standards possible, and our Plus and Premium warranties are some of the best in the industry. You can get a rear loader garbage truck quote now, or contact Route Ready Trucks today if you have any further questions.

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