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Challenges for Garbage Truck Acquisition in 2023

Fleet managers will face increasing challenges when trying to buy new garbage trucks in 2023, from pent-up demand to production delays to high acquisition costs. In this current competitive environment, purchasing quality used garbage trucks from Route Ready is a great way to avoid these many hurdles and get the late-model vehicle you need at significantly less cost than the brand-new sticker price.

Our certified trucks from top manufacturers are free of federal excise tax and come with the OEM warranty in addition to our exclusive confidence guarantees for Plus and Premium level purchases.

Increase in Acquisition Costs

Fleet managers are feeling the pinch of increasing acquisition costs for new garbage trucks. Some managers haven’t bought a new truck since the start of the pandemic. Spikes in demand can’t be met due to lack of availability of trucks from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Rising production costs, lack of skilled labor, and inflation are some of the other main reasons that prices for the latest 2023 garbage truck models are going through the roof.

Delays in the supply chain and inflation continue to influence the price of significant equipment purchases, such as garbage trucks. Some are attributing the increase in US inflation to product shortages brought on by global supply chain issues, which were in great part brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Garbage Truck Production Delays

The current lack of microchips is part of the cause for delays in the distribution of new garbage trucks. In a supply chain spotlight by J.P. Morgan Research, automakers were forced to compete for semiconductor capacity as the demand for work-from-home technologies grew significantly during COVID-19 lockdown. Due to the auto industry’s shift toward automation and electric vehicles, which require additional chips, the already stressed industry is put under extra pressure.

There is a stronger focus on automated garbage trucks. Garbage truck manufacturers are investing heavily in improving truck body design and maximizing automation. Truck makers are also working on ways to monitor the usage of these vehicles so that they can be more efficient at their jobs. In addition to working on creating systems that can help automate the movement of these vehicles and reduce costs, they are also looking at improving safety for operators.

Avoid the Headache and Buy a Used Garbage Truck From Route Ready

You can buy used garbage trucks for sale from Route Ready with confidence knowing that you are receiving a superior waste hauler that has been expertly reconditioned. Ask us about our industry-exclusive garbage truck warranty.

For a quote on a preowned garbage truck and answers to any of your questions, contact us at Route Ready right away. We look forward to giving you a price on a garbage truck that will work with your budget.

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