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What Does a Grapple Garbage Truck Do?

When it comes to removing large quantities of waste, a grapple garbage truck is essential for effective and efficient performance. A grapple truck implements a boom arm and claw, which allow it to remove anything from wreckage to household furniture to tree limbs.

Jobs that might have been tricky for several employees manually can easily be completed by a single grapple garbage truck, saving time, money, and resources.

Below, find a description of the various types of grapple garbage trucks and their unique advantages. See how used grapple garbage trucks from Route Ready can help take your business to the next level.

The Different Types of Grapple Garbage Trucks

In total, there are five grapple trucks you can choose from:

Grapple-enabled Roll-off Trucks

With grapple-enabled roll-off trucks, the grapple arm sits between the waste container and the truck’s cab. This design lets operators swap containers quickly and easily when they get full.

Rear-steering Design

Rear-steering grapple garbage trucks use a control station between the cab and the grapple arm to allow operators direct sight of the arm.

Combination Loader and Body

Here, the grapple arm is linked to a standard dump truck. This lets the operator deposit straight into the truck’s collection bin.

Rear-mounted Grappling Arm With Connected Trailers

This design option provides a detachable trailer rather than built-in collection bins.

Rear-mounted Grappling Arm With No Collection Bin

Here, the arms deposit waste across numerous trucks on the move to allow for continuous cleanup operations.

Which Grapple Truck Is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right grapple garbage truck for your business will depend entirely on your particular situation.
You need to consider how much waste you need to shift, how large your fleet is, what skills your employees have, and so on.

Route Ready Trucks offers a wide range of used grapple garbage trucks for you to choose from, so you can pick the perfect truck for your needs. Our Plus and Premium level reconditioned trucks come with industry-exclusive 30- or 60-day warranties.

Benefits of Grapple Garbage Trucks

Although each grapple garbage design differs, they all have a range of common benefits:

Improved Safety

When you operate a grapple garbage truck, your employees are not required to touch any of the waste directly, which drastically reduces the chance of injuries occurring.

Less Manual Labor Required

A single grapple garbage truck can do the same amount of work as a large team of employees working manually. This saves your business substantial overhead costs over time.

More Versatility

A grapple garbage truck is ideal for dealing with bulky waste, such as tree limbs, concrete debris, and construction material. A Route Ready Truck will allow you to increase the number of services your business offers.

Why Choose Route Ready Trucks for Your Grapple Garbage Truck Needs?

For starters, Route Ready’s prices are some of the most competitive in the market. With the high-quality used garbage trucks for sale at Route Ready, you can be sure to find the perfect long-term solution for your business. Be sure to contact us for a garbage truck quote and learn more about our confidence warranty!

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