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Grapple Garbage Truck Types

Grapple garbage trucks are effective, time- and cost-saving options for bulk waste removal. With powerful hydraulic arms and claws, they can pick up and dispose of a wide range of waste that is too heavy or unwieldy for human crews to handle. Tree limbs and stumps, construction debris, and even disaster site wreckage are just some of the challenges that a grapple arm garbage truck can overcome.

To find the perfect fit for your company’s needs, it’s important to understand the differences between the various types of grapple garbage trucks.

5 Types of Grapple Garbage Trucks

In total, there are five different types of grapple trucks, each with different features and advantages.

  1. Combination loader and body – These trucks feature a grapple arm attached to a conventional dump truck, enabling the operator to drop debris directly into the truck’s collection bin.
  2. Rear-steering design – These grapple trucks feature a control station between the grapple arm and the truck’s cab, typically overlooking a collection bin in the back. The advantage of this arrangement is that it gives the operator a direct view of the arm while in use, and is therefore the best for when precision is the highest priority.
  3. Rear-mounted grappling arm (no collection bin) – This type of grapple truck does not have a collection bin of its own, and instead deposits any collected waste into other vehicles. While this type of vehicle requires other garbage trucks to accompany it, it allows the grapple truck to focus purely on gathering waste and leave transportation to others.
  4. Rear-mounted grappling arm with connected trailers – This design features detachable trailers at the rear of the chassis rather than a built-in collection bin, which can be hauled by other vehicles as needed.
  5. Grapple-enabled roll-off truck – On these trucks, the grapple arm is located between the truck’s cab and the waste container. As containers fill, they can be switched out and replaced.

The Right Grapple Truck for You

So, which grapple truck is right for your business? That answer will depend on the size of your fleet, the types of waste you haul, and the kinds of jobs your company handles. A combination loader and body grapple truck is flexible and can easily handle small to moderate amounts of waste by itself. On the other hand, a grapple truck with no dedicated collection bin can stay on site and continually dump waste in other vehicles for them to haul to a landfill, making them well-suited for larger jobs such as post-disaster cleanup. Finally, rear-steering designs are the best choice when precision control is needed, such as in a dense urban or forest environment.

Used Grapple Trucks for Sale

If you plan to add a used grapple truck to your company’s fleet, Route Ready is eager to work with you. Every truck we sell comes with the remaining OEM body and chassis warranties included, as well as a top-to-bottom maintenance inspection. We also offer our own additional 30- and 60-day warranties on our Plus and Premium-level used garbage trucks for sale. We are eager to work with you and find long-term truck solutions for your waste management company. You can request a garbage truck quote, or contact us to speak with one of our experienced employees who can help forecast your truck needs.

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