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5 Advantages of Grapple Trucks for Bulk Waste Removal

The key to tackling the waste hauling industry’s most challenging jobs lies with a truck’s design as much as its muscle. Enter: The grapple truck.

If you need to handle waste that can’t be easily transported in a container or bundled for a compactor (like discarded household appliances, fallen tree limbs, or even roadkill), a grapple truck is precisely what you want. Here are key benefits that make a grapple truck a great addition to any fleet!

Key Grapple Truck Advantages

1. Better safety and risk mitigation.

Not only does a grapple truck handle heavy items that put workers at risk for physical injury, but it also disposes of stuff humans shouldn’t have to.

Everyone in the business knows you never know what’s around the corner. Workers encounter glass, poisonous chemicals, needles, and other dangerous waste in garbage bins where it doesn’t belong. Sending in a grapple truck is a great way to mitigate the risk of contact between workers and potentially hazardous waste.

A grapple truck is also safer in areas with heavy traffic or hazardous roads with minimal visibility because it doesn’t require loaders to work outside the truck.

2. They’re more efficient.

A grapple truck can do even the most awkward, complicated jobs faster and better than your typical truck combined with a few workers.

3. They’re more versatile than standard refuse removal trucks.

From furniture to abandoned building rubble, grapple trucks can lift thousands of pounds. They transform a complicated, multi-worker job into a one-worker task. And depending upon the truck’s lift capacity, boom and body size, and control locations, a grapple truck can be used in fleets of all sizes.

4. They’re a sustainable investment.

Because of their efficiency, grapple trucks are a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice for tackling large jobs. Many fleet managers save money and fuel costs by trading multiple trucks for a grapple truck that can do it all.

5. They’re cost-effective and better for your bottom line.

One grapple truck can do a job that would ordinarily require several trucks and twice as many workers, cutting down on overhead costs for you. Its efficiency and flexibility can expand your client base and extend services to customers you may not have previously been able to service.

Grapple Trucks Are Versatile Solutions for Lots of Jobs

Grapple truck benefits aren’t only limited to municipal use. They’re a key player in many different waste-removal operations:

Street Department Maintenance

Grapple trucks are ideal for removing roadkill, clearing ditches, and removing sidewalks.

Green Waste Management

Logging companies use grapple trucks for clearing heavy forestry debris like oversized logs and fallen trees.

Recycled Materials Management

Recycling companies haul much more than typical paper, plastic, and glass bins.

Disaster Relief/Recovery

Grappler trucks are a must-have for disaster relief teams, removing debris during the clean-up process and clearing paths for first responders who need access to devastated areas.

If you’ve decided a grapple truck is a perfect addition to your fleet but aren’t sure about the price tag of buying new, purchasing a top-condition used grapple garbage truck from Route Ready may be the answer.

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We stand by the quality of our products by inspecting each waste truck for sale in our inventory with the highest standards. We also offer three certification levels, so you know exactly what shape it’s in before it joins your fleet. In addition to our 5-year OEM extended warranty, we’re proud to offer an Industry Exclusive Warranty on our Plus and Premium vehicles.

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