Autocar terminal tractors

Autocar Terminal Tractor Driver Assist Program for Refuse & Recycling

In the waste management industry, worker safety is a constant concern. Even in the relatively controlled environment of a shipping yard or port, a single slip-up can have serious consequences. To better protect drivers and workers, Autocar terminal tractors come equipped with the Advanced Driver Assist System, or ADAS.

What Is ADAS?

The Advanced Driver Assist System is a combination of several different features and technologies, all designed to better protect the driver. Many of these systems come standard in Autocar models, while others can be integrated as aftermarket modifications. These systems include:

  • Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS): A proximity sensor that can detect impending collisions and automatically engage the tractor’s emergency brakes. By slowing the truck as much as possible, this reduces damage to the vehicle and the threat of injury to the driver.
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW): A set of audio and visual warnings that alert the driver if they are about to hit something. If the driver is distracted for whatever reason, the FCW can help get their attention back on the road directly in front of them and avert the collision.
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD): A major weakness of larger commercial vehicles is their large blind spots. The BSD’s sensor detects if other vehicles or objects have entered this blindspot, and then flashes a warning light to notify the driver.
  • Electronic Stability Controls (ESC) and Rollover Stability Controls (RSC): These sensors cause the car to automatically brake and slow down whenever they detect the vehicle exceeding parameters and coming close to skidding or rolling over. By monitoring the speed of individual wheels, the vehicle’s steering angle, and yaw rate, the ESC and RSC can moderate the braking power and speed of each wheel to help prevent the driver from losing control.

Together, the various parts of ADAS help protect not only the driver of the terminal tractor, but also those around them, making for a safer work environment at your shipping terminal or storage yard.

Add a Used Terminal Tractor to Your Fleet

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