The Best Side Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers - side loader lifting garbage with arm

The Best Side Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Nothing beats side loader garbage trucks when it comes to all-around performance. Modern innovations like cart tippers and automated arms make dumping trash into a sideloading truck easier and safer than ever before. These versatile vehicles can even help you to save on labor costs, since many of them can be operated by a single crew member.

Here at Route Ready, we carry vehicles built by three of the leading side loader truck manufacturers: Heil, McNeilus, and Labrie. Let’s look at each of these companies and the trucks that carry their names.

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Heil Side Loaders

With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience under its belt, Heil is one of the most respected names in the refuse truck industry. Its vehicles are known for their interlaced subframes, abrasion-resistant steel construction, and multiple safety features.

One of the best trucks in their lineup is the DuraPack Python, which offers great features like these:

  • Specially hardened grabber gears – which are splined directly to the grabber shafts and can undergo up to 1 million cycles without noticeable wear.
  • Built-in lift arm – with a 9-foot reach that can move under and around obstacles to make pickups quicker and easier.
  • Handy on-board diagnostics – alerts the operator to all types of problems, from engine malfunctions to severe weather conditions.

Our DuraPack Python trucks have a 28-yard capacity and are built on a Mack frame. Your truck will come with either a Mack MP7 or Paccar engine, both of which are leading names in the commercial vehicle industry.

McNeilus Side Loaders

Founded in 1970, McNeilus brings with it a world of innovation thanks to its connection with parent company Oshkosh. This relationship gives McNeilus engineers access to over a thousand patents and proprietary design features.

Here at Route Ready, we proudly sell the McNeilus Zero Radius (ZR) side loader, which comes with benefits like these:

  • A nimble yet powerful grabbing arm that can lift up 2000 pounds.
  • The McNeilus CODE™ control system makes operating your McNeilus ZR side loader simple and intuitive.
  • A zero turning radius that allows the truck to literally run circles around its competition.

The McNeilus ZR side loader is built on a Peterbilt body and has a Paccar engine for ultimate reliability.

Labrie Side Loaders

Since 1985, Labrie has been building some of the world’s best sideloading garbage trucks. This includes the Labrie Expert With Helping Hand automated arm, which has a 10-foot arm reach, 13-second packing cycle, and 400-pound lifting capacity when fully extended. It’s available in a 60/40 body split design for optimum balance.

You may also want to consider the Labrie Automizer, which has a 12-foot arm reach, 1000-pound lifting capacity fully extended, and durable yet lightweight construction that can save on fuel costs.

Both models are built on Freightliner bodies and feature Cummins engines for years of trouble-free service.

Why Our Used Trucks Are Better Than New

As you can imagine, all of the trucks mentioned in this post come with a hefty price tag when purchased brand-new. A great way to mitigate those costs is to choose one of our top-quality used vehicles instead.

Not only do these trucks cost thousands less than brand-new models, they’re also free of federal excise tax and thoroughly inspected to ensure they’re in great working condition. Many of them come with our own industry-exclusive warranties, and all of them carry the remaining OEM warranties.

These trucks are ready now for you to take delivery. So get in touch with us today for your exclusive garbage truck quote. We deliver most of our side loader garbage trucks for sale within 48 hours, so you can put them to work right away.

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