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What to Look For When Buying Used McNeilus Garbage Trucks

Planning to buy a used truck for your waste disposal company? Make sure you buy a branded one because it ensures that you are investing in a truck that will last long. And, when it comes to brand, one name you can trust on is McNeilus. It has an experience of more than 45 years in this industry and has a wide range of garbage trucks such as side loaders, front loaders, and rear loaders.

Factors to consider while purchasing a Used McNeilus garbage truck

Since you are considering purchasing a used McNeilus garbage truck, there are a few features that you need to keep in mind that will help to buy the best variant of the lot:

Smart controls

The control system should be simple to operate so that if there is a need to troubleshoot, the driver can do it without calling the professionals. The truck should ideally have a smart fuse panel. These usually come with a digital display that specifies the location of a blown fuse. This display will also show pre-trip reminders and the optimal condition of the garbage chamber.

Massive doors

Depending on the variant you are purchasing, one thing you should look out for is the outlet door. This will make clean outs easier. Moreover, if you also carry liquid waste, the truck should have a lower drip edge where the liquid will separate from the solid waste. This also helps to clean the garbage at the site quickly. Used garbage trucks may not have a full perimeter seal like the new ones. But, make sure the latching mechanism works correctly. Open and close the door several times to check its condition.

Redesigned interiors

Garbage trucks should have a flat body floor that allows you to dispose of the waste easily. Depending on the year and model of the truck, some of them may also come with ejector tracks. These don’t take the support of the body, and you can quickly dislodge them to dispose of all the waste. If you find such a model in the used trucks, don’t let it go. These are very helpful when you have to dispose of both solid and liquid waste. Disposing of the solid waste is tougher, and that’s when the ejector truck will come into play.

Buying a used garbage truck is not as easy as everyone tells you. It is essential to inspect all the parts before finalizing the deal. But, if you find one from a McNeilus brand, you can be assured that the truck will last for years even if it is a used model.

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